Standard Mobile App

Retailers can now launch their own mobile app for iOS and Android mobile devices. Whether you choose the standard app or our fully customized application, Celerant’s mobile apps allow retailers to expand their omnichannel strategy, and deliver their customers a personal, interactive and fast shopping experience. Seamlessly integrated to Celerant’s back office software, retailers can manage their app with no additional effort- Manage orders from all channels (in store, online and mobile app) in a central location.

Getting Started with Celerant Mobile Apps

Design & Launch your App with Minimal Effort

Celerant's standard app will be designed by our in-house team with our customizable templates. Choose the colors, logos and department structure to match your brand's needs and let our team do the rest. Your app will be launched on both the iOS App store and Google Play store.

Deliver better online shopping experiences

Celerant's mobile apps are faster and easier to use on mobile devices than eCommerce websites with quick page loading, push notifications, digital wallets, and more.

Drive repeat business & convert more sales

Conversion rates on mobile apps are 3x higher compared to traditional websites; and 47% of consumers now use mobile apps to shop online.

Features offered with Celerant’s online shopping app

Managing & updating your app

Unlike other apps that operate as a standalone solution, Celerant's app integrates with the Celerant back office, so you can maintain consistency and manage all your retail channels in a centralized location
  • All product updates can be made in the Celerant back office and reflected in-store, online and on the mobile app automatically

  • Manage orders placed on the app alongside orders from your store and website.

  • Update inventory levels across all channels automatically.

Push Notifications

Retailers can now send personalized promotions, sales alerts, product releases and more directly to their customers pocket with push notifications – eliminating SPAM filters and other deliverability issues associated with email marketing
  • Create & send personalized notifications

  • Notifications link customers directly to your mobile app

  • Automate messages based on personalized triggers such as previous purchases, abandoned cart, reward levels and more

  • Notifications appear on their customers home screen, bypassing any deliverability issues associated with email marketing

Conversion rates are 3x higher on mobile apps compared to traditional websites

“Conversion rates on mobile apps are 3x higher compared to traditional websites; and a staggering 47% of consumers are now using mobile apps..." 

Zeke Hamdani, Director of Web Services

BOPIS & Curbside Pickup

Celerant’s curbside pickup is built into our new mobile application. Customer’s can place their order using the app and select curbside pickup at checkout; availability notifications and store check-ins will be sent through the mobile app.
  • Retailer can manage curbside pickup orders through the retailer dashboard

  • Customer notifications sent through the mobile app or automated text messages & emails

  • Customer check in functionality alerts retailer when customer has arrived at the store

Celerant's curbside pickup retailer dashboard

Smart Wallets and Apple Pay

With Apple Pay built into our mobile apps merchants can speed up and simplify the checkout process to improve shopping, while reducing card abandonment.
  • Increase conversions by offering a fast and secure mobile payment option

  • Simple payment process makes it easy for customers to complete purchases on your mobile app

  • Available to over 250 million worldwide apple users

Manage Your App, Website and Store As One

  • iOS & Android compatibility
  • Point of sale & eCommerce integration
  • Real-time inventory levels
  • Orders managed in central location
  • Personalized push notifications
  • Trigger notifications (abandon cart, b-day, etc.)
  • Digital wallets, Apple Pay & PayPal
  • Loyalty reward points
  • BOPIS & curbside pickup

Loyalty Rewards - Coming Soon on the App!

Celerant’s customer loyalty programs allow you to easily set up club memberships, including different levels/tiers of memberships with predetermined discounts and loyalty reward points.
  • Customers can earn rewards wherever they shop - mobile apps, in store or on your traditional eCommerce website

  • Encourage reward club membership by offering simple sign ups from within the mobile app

  • Further increase engagement with personalized notifications based on club points, frequent buyer rewards etc..

Additional Features - Coming Soon!

Celerant continues to build on its mobile app with new features being developed regularly. Listed below are features which will be coming soon to the platform, however if you need a more custom app you may want to consider Celerant’s Custom Mobile app, which can be designed to your exact specifications.
  • Account creation & login through social media profiles

  • Branded order confirmations

  • Appointment scheduling and resource reservations

Reports & Analytics

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