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In Store Operations

Stratus point of sale is the most flexible and powerful retail operations software solution on the market; capable of high volume transactions, while providing visibility across your entire retail enterprise.

Stratus is a powerful and custom POS system and retail operations software used by many retail industries. With a user-friendly interface and a flexible backend, this retail POS can be customized to your store’s requirements. Our retail point-of-sale software is mobile-ready, incorporates modern security, connects to popular retail POS hardware and leverages IoT technologies and predictive analytics to increase sales and optimize the customer experience.

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All the Helpful Retail POS and eCommerce Features You Need

  • EMV / chip card readers and point-to-point encryption
  • Mobile point-of-sale and smart wallet capabilities
  • Private-label credit cards and check verification
  • Signature capture pads, touchscreen menus and ‘green’ emailed receipts
  • Gift certifications, coupons, receipts, registries and stored-v
  • Special orders, intuitive inter-store transfers, layaways and reservations
  • Price checks, markdown and inventory lookups and suggested purchase items
  • VAT tax and foreign currency exchange
  • Automatic email notifications, buying clubs with loyalty rewards and memberships
  • Employee management, repairs and rentals
  • Substitute items suggested at POS, add embellishments and embroidery

“Being where our customers are is a big part of our business, and mobile POS lets us swipe credit cards and manage inventory in real-time, the same way we would process inside a physical store. In addition, the amount of time we saved using Celerant’s Best Store Fulfillment module is immeasurable. We used to manually process each incoming order, figure out the optimal store to fulfill from, and notify that store by email. It took hours every day; there’s just no way we could handle the volume we have today without auto-routing the order to have fulfilled.”

Make Faster and
Smarter Decisions
by Connecting
Stratus to Other

IoT-enabled Retail Point-Of-Sale

Make faster and smarter decisions by connecting Stratus’s custom POS software to other “connected” solutions. Connect with Amazon’s pricing analytics; receive vendor data feeds; arm your staff with mobile devices; access the POS on the cloud or on various operating systems; and integrate with automated inventory and fulfillment applications. By communicating with IoT apps in real time, your custom POS system will improve every aspect of your business—from cutting costs to increasing sales.

Take Your Business Anywhere With Our Mobile Point-Of-Sale Application

Mobile Point-Of-Sale

The mobile POS offers merchants a convenient and cost-effective way of managing their business, whether at a sidewalk sale or trade show or helping a customer in the aisle. No installation is required. All you need is a mobile device and internet connection to get up and running and start processing sales immediately. The retail point-of-sale software can be installed on iOS, Windows and Android devices and accepts Apple Pay and Android Pay.

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Host Your Retail
POS in Store or in
the Cloud with a
Saas Option

SaaS and Cloud POS

Unlike most cloud retail POS software, Stratus lets you operate without interruption should internet connectivity go down. If internet is lost, your sales staff can continue accessing all retail POS functions via a local in store server, allowing them to ring up sales and look up customers, inventory, pricing and promotions.

Give Your Customers the Security They Deserve

Retail POS Security and EMV

Our custom POS system integrates with EMV devices that use point-to-point encryption (P2PE) to secure data at the point of entry. That way, sensitive cardholder information never appears in your system’s memory. Stratus also offers data tokenization to further secure payment data sent between the merchant and the bank. Retail POS security not only protects customer data, it reduces fraudulent activity, prevents loss, charge backs and the scope of a PCI audit.

Access Everything
You Need from
Your Retail Pos
in Real-Time

Fully-integrated POS & Retail Operations Software

You can access everything you need directly from our retail POS screen. For example, look-up inventory; update pricing and promotions; process high-volume transactions; manage rentals and repairs; and offer and accept gift cards and loyalty rewards earned in store or online. Retail POS transactions occur in real time, reflecting all stores and websites immediately. Stratus also integrates with popular retail POS hardware and is platform independent, making it a flexible retail operations software solution.

Tailor the Point-Of-Sale to Your Enterprise Business

Customizable POS System

Stratus’ custom POS system is fully customizable to the way you operate your business. For example, you can grant or restrict access to various retail POS features through user permissions. Merchants can also define fields and field values; create a 3-dimensional product matrix with an unlimited number of sizes, colors and styles; and customize the levels of your taxonomy to make it easier and more efficient to manage merchandise.

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