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Enterprise Vendor Management Software

Streamline and manage your supply chain from vendors to the end customer; manage suppliers; monitor performance, spot trends and maximize profits by leveraging Stratus’ innovative enterprise vendor management solutions and integrations.

Enterprise Vendor Management Solutions

With Stratus Enterprise’s vendor management module, you can source new suppliers and browse their product catalogs directly from the point of sale; and easily import the products you want to carry, including descriptions and images. Product data is kept up-to-date at customized intervals, ensuring your vendors’ newest products make it to your shelves faster, while eliminating the need to manually enter products into the retail system. With advanced reporting tools and vendor scorecards, you can track compliance issues, spot trends and monitor vendor performance to help you optimize the supply chain and maximize profit. Stratus Enterprise’s vendor management software solutions are here to take your retail business to the next level.

Simply Source, Browse and Import Vendor Products

  • Import vendor products into the POS vendor management functionality
  • Automatically reorder inventory based on pre-et min/max levels
  • Replenish your inventory ‘just in time’
  • Offer an ‘endless aisle’ by selling vendor stock on your eCommerce website
  • Drop ship orders directly to your customers via vendors and distributors
  • Exchange data with vendors via EDI
  • Source and manage new distributors for your retail business
  • Improve merchandise planning with Open-To-Buy
  • Manage trade promotions from your distributors

Automate the
Reordering Process
For Any Item

Automated purchase orders

Automate the reordering process for items with high turnover and generate POs based on predefined min/max stock levels to keep the necessary inventory on hand and just in time. Within Stratus’s point of sale vendor management software, you can choose to approve POs or automatically send them to suppliers and forecast the necessary stock levels based on trends, seasons, top sellers, promotions and more. As an automated process, your replenishment can be effortless and result with the right amount of products to keep your shelves stocked thanks to Celerant’s custom vendor management solutions.

Take Advantage
Of Your Vendors’
Full Product Lines

Live online vendor feeds

Take advantage of your vendors’ full product lines and offer many more products on your website, than you are able to stock in your store. With live online vendor feeds from Stratus’ point of sale vendor management software, your suppliers’ available inventory levels, product images and descriptions, and current MSRPs are automatically reflected on your eCommerce website. On-the-fly, you can easily change or expand your vendors’ product descriptions to make them your own and help your site stand out from your competitors. From there, orders can be placed by your customers and drop shipped directly from the vendor.

More Sales
In Store

In store kiosks & vendor inventory

Carry 1000s more products in store without having to stock or ship it with Celerant’s in store kiosks. Turn any tablet or workstation into a kiosk, and display live inventory from your vendors, with product details and images. Easily search for any product, and order it via Stratus’ POS software; and have your vendor drop ship the order to your customer, or deliver it to your store for pickup all through our powerful enterprise supplier management solutions.

Enterprise Vendor Management Software

Move More Inventory With Vendor Promotions

Trade promotions

Stratus’s point of sale and enterprise vendor management software solutions offer the tools retailers need to manage trade promotions. For example, a vendor may offer an incentive to encourage your sales staff to promote a new product. That incentive can be managed within Stratus, and may help you move more products by offering further discounts to shoppers.


Let Your Vendors
Handle Fulfillment
For You

Drop shipping

Sell your vendors’ stock on your website and allow your vendors to fulfill from their warehouse directly to your customers using your branded packing slips and shipping labels. With Stratus’ retail software, you can integrate with third parties, such as Amazon, and sell your merchandise on their site while they fulfill the orders for you.

Communicate Data
To Your Vendors
Quickly and Easily

Supplier EDI

With Stratus’s POS vendor management software, you can communicate data to vendors via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), making it easier to procure merchandise. You can define templates that map data to your vendors for purchase orders and invoices.

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