Goodwill of the Great Plains Upgrades their Point of Sale Software

Advocating for Self-Sufficiency

I am Angela Renders and I am a Director of Retail for Goodwill of the Great Plains.

Goodwill of the Great Plains has 21 retail locations throughout South Dakota, a little bit of Iowa, Nebraska and Minnesota.

We serve as an advocate for self-sufficiency, we put people to work.

Financial System Integrations

Prior to Celerant, we didn’t have a formalized polling process in place.

Using the software has enabled us to be more efficient when polling and sending items to bail. It also allowed us to have color of the week sales, which we didn’t have before.

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POS System with Easy Training for New Employees

The biggest changes that we’ve seen would be the ease in training our new employees, the system is very user-friendly. We’re able to scan each item, which makes it a lot quicker, we can scan our customers out a lot faster.

Fast Implementation with a Dedicated Team

The implementation for us was a big one, we were coming from manual. The team has been wonderful, very knowledgeable.

Tandy was wonderful and very thoughtful in rolling it out and patient and very methodical in his training.

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Ease of Training for New Employees

We have seen that the system is very easy to use, our cashiers have picked up on it very quickly. A typical customer transaction takes less than half the amount of time it used to take with our previous system.

Improved Processes with Better Reporting

In my role, I’ve been using the software for a little over two years and I found that the reporting features have changed the way that we look at items on the floor and basically, do business and make decisions.

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