Vegan Food Retailer Runs Store and Popup Shops with ONE System

A Retail System That Can Grow With Your Business

My name is Dorrell McLaren and I’m the retail manager at Living Well. We call it Living Well ABC. It’s one store. We don’t have a chain, just one store owned by the Potomac Conference, and we sell all vegetarian vegan items. I’m a retail manager and the front so I’m responsible for the products that come in and how to sell them.

I like the fact that I can tell how the business is doing day-by-day, moment-by-moment, so it’s helped me in getting a report anytime I wanted on a particular item. Celerant can tell me how much I have left, when did I buy it, how fast did I sell it. Did I take a year or six months or two days to sell it? I like that. Throughout the year, different times of the year we have off-site events where we set up little pop-up stores that people can come and buy the same things that they would get in the brick-and-mortar store, and so Celerant is able to move to that level with us and accommodate us there and it’s not separate from what we’re doing in the brick-and-mortar store so we don’t have to reconcile the two and separate things. It’s the same.

If I run into a hiccup I can call Celerant, and I’m gonna get an answer right away. I don’t have to place a call and wait until two to get a response. Celerant is moving with us while we are open, that’s is a big benefit for me as as a manager because I can have the line, customers lining up waiting and figure out what’s happening. So to me that’s key to keep the business moving. I would recommend it because if you’re a small business like us it’s compatible with you, and as you grow it’s compatible with you from ordering or the accounting, QuickBooks, everything you can think of that has to do with the business Celerant can meet that. So if you’re 50 stores or one little grandma and grandpa store Celerant is relevant—can be relevant to you.

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