Celerant Technology Corp. Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Commemorating two decades of supporting the retail industry with innovative software

Celerant Technology Celebrates 20th AnniversaryStaten Island, NY (October 11, 2019) – Celerant Technology Corp., a leading provider of innovative retail solutions, marks its official 20th year anniversary serving the retail industry, and reaffirms its ongoing dedication and strategy for delivering innovative retail commerce software, from startups to enterprise businesses.


Reflecting on humble beginnings
Founded in 1999, Celerant was built from the ground up to help retailers manage every aspect of their business in a single platform. Celerant took advantage of a gap in the market by developing an affordable, real-time retail system with point of sale, inventory, warehouse and fulfillment management.

Throughout the years, the company incorporated industry-specific features, eCommerce, marketplace integrations, and, more recently, digital marketing. For the past 15 years, Celerant has consistently topped the LeaderBoard charts, and has grown into a leading retail software provider with four offices across the US, and over 150 employees supporting thousands of retailers around the country.

“My brother and I started this company 20 years ago to bring new technology to the retailer, and we continued on that mission the entire time”, stated Ian Goldman, President and CEO. “Our clients come to us for common struggles- from inventory issues; to fulfilling orders across multiple channels, including eCommerce; or just simply older systems that have aged out. Through our software, we help solve these problems.”

“From the very beginning, we were bringing new technology to the retail market”, stated Robert Goldman, CTO. “We were first in terms of real-time, and the first to bring radio-frequency identification (RFID) into the stores. We continue to innovate, and partner with our retail clients, to help them constantly improve their businesses.”


Celebrating 20 years serving the retail industry
20 Year Anniversary - Rob & IanTo celebrate its 20th year, Celerant launched an exciting new brand earlier this year. The new brand reflects the company’s long-term vision for delivering commerce software to all SMB retailers, from startups to enterprises. As part of Celerant’s exciting new brand, the company launched a new logo and new website showcasing its two core products – Cumulus Retail™ for small business; and Stratus Enterprise™ for retail enterprises. Both solutions offer the power and simplicity of its point of sale, eCommerce and digital marketing that empower retailers of all sizes to manage and grow their business in store and online, by leveraging technology from a single company.


Celerant: The Next Chapter
Celerant is positioned to take advantage of the next major drivers shaping the retail industry. The massive growth of online marketplaces and popup shops, and the need for more personalization is driving Celerant to continually develop and provide innovative solutions to help retailers compete and differentiate against big box retailers.

“We don’t know exactly what the next 20 years will hold, but we do know that we will stick with our core mission of bringing new technology to the retailer”, stated Ian Goldman, President and CEO. “Our goal is to help them overcome whatever challenges the industry throws at them.”

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