Celerant Technology Earns ‘5 Star Point of Sale’ Review from CPA Practice Advisor

Cumulus Retail and Stratus Enterprise receive highest honors for Point of Sale and eCommerce

Staten Island, NY (July 30, 2019) – Celerant Technology, a leading provider of innovative retail and eCommerce solutions, received a five-star rating from CPA Practice Advisor; for both of its software platforms; Cumulus Retail and Stratus Enterprise. This marks the third year-in-a-row for both Celerant products to be honored with this award.

Celerant Earns ‘5 Star Point of Sale’ Review from CPA Practice Advisor
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“Point of sale systems vary in features and functionality, with some systems well suited for small retailers, while others are designed for large retail businesses with multiple locations. Online sellers have their own set of requirements when looking for a point of sale application. Pricing is also a factor, with smaller businesses with limited budgets looking for a more affordable application,” stated Mary Girsh-Bock, contributing writer for CPA Advisor.

Celerant effectively provides all of the above; offering Cumulus Retail™, an affordable and powerful point of sale and eCommerce solution for small business; and Stratus Enterprise™; a comprehensive retail commerce software with high-end capabilities. Both platforms offer options for in store, online and/or both.

“Cumulus Retail’s ‘Always On’ feature provides retailers with the security they need; processing sales even when Internet connectivity is lost, with any data entered later synched with the application once a connection has been restored… Cumulus Retail offers excellent customer management capability, with both customer loyalty and club memberships options available. Personalized email marketing capability is also available in the application as well,” The CPA Advisor goes on to describe. “Cumulus Retail offers excellent inventory management with users able to manage inventory for both brick and mortar and online locations in real time, including the ability to easily transfer inventory between locations.”

“Celerant Stratus (Enterprise) offers excellent customer tracking and management with its built-in CRM, with the ability to track sales from all store locations, both brick and mortar and online… Celerant Stratus offers real-time inventory control, so users will always have access to accurate stock levels,” stated Girsh-Bock.

Both Cumulus Retail and Stratus Enterprise offer integrated eCommerce packages; custom-built websites or ‘Ready Made’ eCommerce options are available and were recognized with five stars by the CPA Practice Advisor.

“Celerant Stratus includes a completely customized eCommerce software package which integrates seamlessly with the point of sale application using a single database, with users able to offer coupons and other promotions online. The product also integrates with leading third-party marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, allowing users to upload and track products and orders.”

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