Celerant Enhances Retail Software Platform with Integrated SMS Text Message Marketing Capabilities

Allows retailers to send SMS text messages from the point of sale, and automate messages based on triggers, such as loyalty rewards, rentals and repairs

Staten Island, NY (June 08, 2021) – Celerant Technology, a leading provider of innovative retail solutions, today announced new SMS text message marketing functionality. Through Celerant’s point of sale, dynamic, trigger-based text messages can be created and sent to individual shoppers- helping retailers build and nurture customer relationships, and increase sales.

Point of Sale with Integrated SMS Text Messaging

With Celerant’s point of sale software, text messages can either be automated or sent manually, when needed. Within a customer transaction, cashiers have the ability to select the appropriate message to send to a customer to notify them of status updates in real-time. Messages can also be sent automatically based on triggers and account activity that occurs in the retail system, such as earned loyalty rewards, repair updates, and reminders for reservations; triggers will be expanded in a future release to include upcoming sales, delayed orders, rental returns, and more.

"As retail evolves, the demand for digital communications to stay in contact with consumers is increasing drastically, To provide our retail clients with new digital methods of communication, Celerant incorporated SMS text messaging into its retail platform. Not only does this allow retailers to engage with customers more effectively, it allows them to communicate using channels customers are already comfortable and familiar with.”

Ian Goldman Celerant Technology

Ian Goldman

President and CEO, Celerant

Celerant includes several ‘out-of-the-box’ text messages, and additional messages can be easily created from within Celerant’s back office suite. Messages can be personalized using parameters that automatically pull and display data from Celerant’s retail database, such as ‘First Name’, ‘Coupon Code’, ‘Club Name’, ‘Reward Points’, ‘Work Order Number’, and more. Messages can also include hyperlinks, making it easier for customers to, for example, download coupons, write an online review, access rewards, and even follow the retailer on social media. For automated text messaging, triggers can be created to recur daily, monthly or yearly; or every minute for almost real-time messaging and marketing.

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Learn more about Celerant's point of sale and eCommerce solution, and explore features such as catalog import, automated ordering, endless aisle, drop shipping and marketplace integrations; and how to launch a site quickly by pulling your vendors' product feeds.

In an upcoming version, Celerant’s SMS text messaging can be used by retailers to communicate with internal staff. Leveraging transaction and workforce data, store managers can be automatically informed about store transfers, loss prevention, voids, large orders, changes in employee shifts, and more. Text messages can also be sent to staff when assistance is needed in an aisle, or at a register.

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