Celerant Integrates with ASTRO Loyalty Enabling Pet Stores to Offer and Automate Manufacturer Rebates

Through Celerant’s point of sale, independent pet food and supply retailers can offer exclusive rebate programs, and automate the rebate process with ASTRO

Staten Island, NY (September 15, 2020)Celerant Technology, the #1 provider of innovative retail software, today announces an integration with ASTRO Loyalty, the leading provider of rebate programs for independent pet food & supply retailers. Through Celerant’s point of sale, retailers can access and offer frequent buyer programs; and leverage real-time transaction data to streamline and automate the rebate process with manufacturers.

ASTRO Loyalty & Celerant

Increase revenue with exclusive manufacturer selling programs
By integrating Celerant’s point of sale with ASTRO Loyalty, pet supply retailers can streamline and automate the rebate process with manufacturers and distributors, eliminating the need to manually track and submit rebates. ASTRO Loyalty offers exclusive manufacturer-sponsored selling programs, such as BOGOs and discounts- only to independent pet store retailers- from 1000s of well-known pet-related brands and manufacturers, including: NutriSource, Primal, Fromm Family, Taste of the Wild, Champion Pet Foods, Zignature, and many others. ASTRO offers are available to retailers a few weeks before they become live; through an online portal, retailers can easily select the programs they would like to offer.

Several pet supply manufacturers now require ASTRO to participate in their rebate programs. Without point of sale integration, retailers have to scan the items into their point of sale; and then manually enter transaction data into ASTRO’s portal after each sale. Celerant’s integration automates that process by sending the necessary data from the point of sale to ASTRO, saving the retailer time and reducing errors by eliminating both manual and double data entry.

“We are very excited about our new partnership with Celerant. We are dependent on the success of the independent pet retailer. The integration with Celerant will provide a professional and streamlined customer loyalty checkout process, along with automatic rebate processing, resulting in happy pet owner customers and pet retailers.”
Jimmy Haverstick, President of ASTRO Loyalty

 Automate manufacturer rebates from the point of sale
Celerant’s point of sale tracks all customer and sales activity, along with each customer’s earned rewards (i.e., points, punches). At checkout, the point of sale will alert the sales associate if a customer is eligible for any incentives. If the customer redeems their reward, transaction data is automatically sent to ASTRO Loyalty in real-time; or as a scheduled task if internet connectivity is lost- eliminating the need to track and manually send data to each manufacturer. ASTRO Loyalty manages the entire rebate process, ensuring retailers receive rebate credit from their distributors as quickly as possible; some distributors write credits daily through ASTRO.

Learn about the integration

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Learn about the integration

Astro Loyalty Logo

Manage and grow your pet retail business in store and online
Celerant offers two retail solutions that integrate with ASTRO Loyalty- Cumulus Retail™, an affordable and powerful point of sale and eCommerce solution for small business; and Stratus Enterprise™, a comprehensive retail commerce software with high-end capabilities. Celerant’s retail software empowers pet supply retailers to manage and grow their business with mobile point of sale and touchless payments; curbside pickup; integrated eCommerce; and marketplace integrations, including Amazon, Walmart, Facebook, eBay and others. Pet store retailers can also import vendor catalogs (i.e., Phillips Pet Food & Supply); automatically reorder inventory; offer promotions and loyalty rewards; manage pet-related classes and online registrations; track sales and customer data from all retail channels; and much more- all in a single solution.

To learn more about Celerant’s integration with ASTRO Loyalty, please visit: www.celerant.com/partner/astro-loyalty.

“Our goal is help pet supply retailers streamline and automate as many processes as possible, so they can focus more on their customers and customers’ pets. We are able to do that through our integration with ASTRO Loyalty for rebates, in addition to our distributor integrations with Phillips Pet and others; eCommerce with curbside pickup; online reservations for pet-related classes; online marketplace integrations; email marketing automation and more.”
Ian Goldman, President and CEO, Celerant Technology

About ASTRO Loyalty
ASTRO Loyalty is committed to empowering independent pet retailer, so we’ve built an engine designed to drive customer sales to your store. ASTRO is not available to big box or online retailers. ASTRO Loyalty is passionate about animal health, steeped in a culture of successfully reinventing conventional marketing strategies. We have committed substantial resources to specialty pet retailers and feed stores. Our long-standing relationships with manufacturers give ASTRO Loyalty the teeth required to help you take share from the mass market stores and online businesses. For more information, please visit www.astroloyalty.com.


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