Celerant Technology Integrates with SYNQWARE Enabling Gift, Toy & Specialty Retailers to Expand Product Lines and Automate Supply

Retailers can offer products from 265+ vendors, and automate replenishment and order fulfillment with Celerant’s point of sale and eCommerce websites

Staten Island, NY (October 22, 2020) – Celerant Technology, the #1 provider of innovative retail software, today announces an integration with SYNQWARE, the leading provider of supply chain automation solutions for the gift, toy and specialty market. Through Celerant’s point of sale and eCommerce, retailers can connect with SYNQWARE’s network of 265+ vendors; leverage aggregated product data to offer more merchandise in store and online; and automate inventory replenishment and order fulfillment.

SYNQWARE & Celerant Technology Integration

Import product data and order inventory from 265+ vendors
Celerant offers two retail solutions that integrate with SYNQWARE- Cumulus Retail™, an affordable and powerful point of sale and eCommerce solution for small business; and Stratus Enterprise™, a comprehensive retail commerce software with high-end capabilities. Through Celerant’s point of sale, retailers can access SYNQWARE’s vendor data, consisting of the most up-to-date products and stock levels from 265+ vendors in the gift, toy and specialty industry. Retailers can then easily select and import the products they want to carry to build their retail database, while eliminating time-consuming manual entry and data errors.

“We’re very excited about the new integration with Celerant. Now more than ever, retailers have to maximize their working capital by increasing ‘turn’. Smaller, more frequent orders are the answer; and this is achieved by connecting their stakeholders (reps and vendors) to their ‘source of truth’: their POS system. With the new integration, retailers can be assured they are ordering their fastest-movers with optimal frequency.”
Brett Goldberg, CEO of SYNQWARE

Through Celerant’s integration with SYNQWRE, retailers can order inventory from any of SYNQWARE’s vendors through a single channel. Purchase orders can be automatically generated and sent to SYNQWARE when stock levels are low- based on min/max levels set within Celerant’s inventory management module. Using EDI, the purchase orders are digitally transmitted to SYNQWARE and standardized between trading partners for each vendor’s specific needs for greater accuracy and speed of communication. Through the point of sale, retailers can also send custom and/or special orders to vendors through SYNQWARE.

Learn more about the integration


Learn more about the integration


“We partnered with SYNQWARE to provide our gift and specialty retail clients with the ability to connect and automate processes with many more vendors. Retailers can pull product catalogs, push purchase orders and drop ship orders with 265+ vendors from a single source to maximize productivity and customer service.”
Ian Goldman, President and CEO of Celerant Technology

Offer an ‘endless aisle’ of products
SYNQWARE aggregates live product data from its vendors. Celerant’s eCommerce platform can pull this data, allowing retailers to quickly launch a website populated with 1000s of products, including product name, description, image, MSRP and real-time stock levels. With Celerant’s in store kiosks, gift, toy and specialty shops can also leverage the data to display an ‘endless aisle’ of products anywhere in their store. Orders can be fulfilled with the retailer’s physical inventory, and/or automatically sent to SYNQWARE for fulfillment. SYNQWARE will manage and route the order to the proper vendor to drop ship either directly to the customer, or to the store for customer pickup. This allows retailers to offer a wider-selection of products- in store and/or online- without having to stock or ship the merchandise.

To learn more about Celerant’s integration with SYNQWARE, please visit: www.celerant.com/partner/synqware.

About SYNQWARE, Inc.
SYNQWARE was founded in 2006 with the goal of helping vendors, reps, and retailers work better together. Our Bizperanto platform is trusted by hundreds of smart vendors to connect various order sources (field reps, web sites, EDI, marketplaces, etc.) to their target systems (ERP systems, warehouse, marketplaces, etc.). Our cloud-based platform allows you to determine how often you poll your order sources and immediately push them to their destinations. For more information, please visit www.synqware.biz.


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