Sports Outfitter Crown Enterprises Uses Data Mining To Cut $1.4 Million In Slow Moving Inventory

Whether they plan on staying for a half day or camping out for over a week, visitors to Glacier National Park know to stop at Crown Enterprises also known as Sportsman & Ski Haus on the way in. The outdoor store carries everything necessary to enjoy the park safely, from maps and hiking shoes to bear spray and survival gear. Sportsman & Ski Haus and its sister chain Tri-State Outfitters are a combination of large and small destination stores that specialize in apparel, equipment and accessories for a wide variety of sports including fishing, hunting, paddling, snow sports, golf and everything in between.


Since the stores carry such a wide variety of inventory, merchandise that fails to sell through and turnover regularly is a real albatross to revenue. Crown Enterprises owns and operates both retail chains and realized that a percentage of its inventory had become stagnant. Not only did continuing to stock inventory that was not moving take up valuable shelf space that could be used for other products, it also tied up capital that Crown could have used to invest in the latest merchandise.

Mining the data to find poor sellers

The team at Crown Enterprises, knew that they had to find and eliminate this stagnant merchandise. So they turned to their retail management platform for help. Crown Enterprises conducted daily business operations on a successful implementation of Celerant Command Retail, which managed all POS sales, inventory management, and reporting. Its powerful data mining capabilities were perfect for the job.

“The data mining functionality in Celerant Command Retail made it easy to generate a report based on last sold dates and received dates so that we could easily identify SKUs that sat on shelves too long without moving. After running the numbers, we discovered that our stores were holding $1.4 million worth of inventory that we considered too stagnant to keep in stock.”
– Tanner Babcock, Director of Operations and IT

Babcock and the team at Crown planned an enormous company-wide progressive markdown sale to eliminate the SKUs that were not turning over and generating adequate revenue. It also hit the reset button on how Crown Enterprises would manage its inventory moving forward


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