Hurricane Disaster Recovery Efforts for Clients

Blog Hurricane Disaster Recovery Efforts for ClientsThe recent hurricanes have created unprecedented and catastrophic damage to the United States, leaving millions of people without power, food, water, or gas. The influence that these natural disasters cannot be understated, we all need to support those areas that have been so gravely affected by these tragedies. In order to aid these people and their communities, Celerant is offering re-installations of retail systems for those in FEMA-declared areas. These services are meant to aid the long-term rebuilding efforts in the Southeastern United States, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Recovery efforts have begun and we want to do our part. To those affected please email, and we will happily get you setup. Right now Americans need each other more than ever and Celerant is looking to help retailers the best way we know how to.


“Celerant is eager to help our affected clients during this difficult time. The heartbreaking situations that continue to unfold in the Gulf Coast, remind us how important it is to come together and be there for one another,” said Ian Goldman, CEO of Celerant Technology. “We have already worked with several of our retail clients in these areas to help get their stores back up and running, and we are eager to assist any other clients who might still need donated services. Whether it be point of sale machine, POS peripheral, local application server or on-site (non-hosted) main database server reinstallations or repairs, our team is ready to assist however needed”


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