Customer Loyalty Program Software

With Cumulus, your customer loyalty program software for small businesses is included at no additional charge, allowing your customers to accrue loyalty points in-store or online, and redeem them whenever they visit your store. Our POS system with customer loyalty program integrations makes it simple for you to reap the benefits of such programs.

Cumulus’ Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functions as a customer loyalty program software for small businesses. Track real-time sales data from all channels in a single database and use this data to understand your customer’s behaviors and keep them coming back with personalized promotions and targeted email campaigns. Repeat customer retention has never been easier!

It’s just one more way Celerant Technology is helping retailers to grow their business and increase sales, both in-store and online. We give you the easiest way to manage a loyalty program for small businesses.

A Customer-Loyalty Software For Small-to-Mid Size Businesses

  • Import and export customer information from the CRM
  • Identify customers by type, category and pricing
  • Boost customer loyalty with club memberships and rewards
  • Use shopper tracking to enhance the shopping experience, and increase traffic and sales to your website and stores
  • Print club membership ID cards from your POS in seconds
  • Send personalized emails with automated workflows

Manage and
Streamline Your
Customer Information

Customer Import and Export

Easily import and export existing customer databases into your CRM from your system. By managing and streamlining your customer data, you can easily market to a list of segmented customers or merge customers already in the database.

Search and Report On Different Customer Types

Customer Types

Setup and organize customer categories to keep track of their wants, needs and history with your store in one simple location. Then, search for and report on different types of customers to better manage areas such as team sales. Simply create a customer type and link that type to a GL Sales Group to determine which GL Sales Account, Cost of Goods Sold Account and Discount Account will be affected when merchandise is sold to a specific customer.

Set Up And Track
Club Membership
Points and Discounts

Club Membership With Loyalty Rewards

With this software to manage customer loyalty programs for small businesses, you can easily set up levels of club memberships with predetermined discounts and loyalty reward points. Within Cumulus’ CRM, you can track points and rewards that customers earn, and display the rewards that customers could potentially redeem. By offering club memberships, you gain valuable customer data and recurring revenue streams, creating a system that leads to improving the retention of existing customers.

Print ID Club
Cards From
Your POS Within

ID Club Cards

Cumulus’ club photo ID card printing allows you to snap a picture of the customer, input the customer information and print the card all within seconds of the customer joining your loyalty rewards club.

Easily Send Personalized Promotional Campaigns

Personalized Email Marketing

Cumulus’ offers an integrated marketing automation platform which allows you to easily send customized and personalized email campaigns based on your customers’ past purchases and preferences. By integrating your CRM and sales data with your Cumulus email marketing platform, you can easily segment your customers’ emails, set up automated email workflows, and send out personalized email campaigns and promotions based on brands, products, and other past shopping habits. The customer loyalty program software for retail stores ensures consumers receive emails that are actually meant for them, increasing the chances that they will click and convert into a sale. Contact Celerant Technology to see if our customer rewards software is right for your small business.


In store and eCommerce packages for Cumulus Retail are available in scalable versions so as you grow, your POS and eCommerce system growth with you.

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