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Cumulus eCommerce by Celerant is a powerful, cloud-based SaaS eCommerce platform with drag-and-drop tools that make it easy to create and update webpages on-the-fly. We can create a retail eCommerce website design for your shop with no up-front fees.

Cumulus eCommerce is an advanced retail eCommerce software solution for small-to-mid size retailers, allowing you to manage your web and store as one. With integration into Cumulus Retail point of sale, you can operate your store and web together, with cross-channel products, pricing and promotions. By managing your website and POS with one system, you can eliminate manual data entry and reduce out of stock mishaps, letting you ship orders faster and ensure happier customers. Contact us today to learn more about our retail eCommerce platform and website design services!

Everything You Need to Manage Your Web and Store As One

  • Get an eCommerce website design created just for you
  • Let shoppers easily find products with filtering and suggested items
  • Boost sales with coupons, loyalty rewards, gift cards and more
  • Ensure a fast and secure checkout with a one-page checkout process
  • Get instant alerts about order fulfillment, including from third-party marketplaces
  • • Integrate with UPS, FedEx and USPS for one-step fulfillment processing
  • Promote your eCommerce site through digital marketing services
  • Offer online order pick-ups and returns in your store

Launch a Modern eCommerce Website Easily

Design and management

Launch an eCommerce store design to any mobile device with Cumulus. Integrated seamlessly into Cumulus’ eCommerce POS, you can operate your store and website as one, and add products and web pages easily with a few clicks from within the Cumulus eCommerce marketplace software using an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop editing tool.

  • Create admin accounts and granular permissions
  • Get professional templates and responsive design
  • Create unique banners and menu navigations
  • Feature special items and embed videos
  • Use Google analytics tracking and SEO-friendly URLs
  • Create custom product URLs and HTML emails
  • Add meta tags, store locator, foreign currency
  • Offer reservations and class and course scheduling
  • Monitor eCommerce performance with web analytics

Easily Manage Your Products Across All Retail Channels

Product and Customer Management

Cumulus’ eCommerce website design services provide CRM and product management tools to help you easily manage your customers, products, retail stores, website and online marketplaces within one platform.

  • Offer unlimited products, images and categories
  • Manage products with flags and icons for discounts and promotions
  • Allow shoppers to check order history and update billing/shipping information
  • Handle refunds, exchanges and credits
  • Centralize your customer database in one system
  • Implement loyalty point systems, which can be redeemed in store or on your website
  • Feature advanced search and filtering
  • Automatically import and export bulk products
  • Use, edit and create product matrices as needed
  • Showcase product reviews and specs with product comparisons
  • Offer customizable order notifications

Increase Your
Web Traffic
and Boost Sales
with our Comprehensive
eCommerce Marketplace Software

Promotions, Sales and Digital Marketing

Cumulus’ retail eCommerce solutions provide sales and marketing tools to increase web traffic and boost retail sales in store and online. Tools like integrated email marketing automation make it easy to minimize cart abandonment and manage targeted promotions, customer loyalty, gift cards, product reviews and more.

  • Display top-selling items and new arrivals
  • Offer integrated coupons and promotions
  • Provide quantity discounts and advanced promotional rules
  • Accept all major credit cards
  • Offer suggested products, gift with purchase and wish lists
  • Allow shoppers to create an account or checkout as a guest
  • Customize order notifications and gifts with purchase
  • Get access to extensive blogging features
  • Automate cart abandonment emails
  • Create segmented lists to send personalized email marketing

Send Personalized
Promotional Emails
Based on Customers'
Past Purchases

Digital Marketing

Send your customers the right marketing promotions and incentives at the right time by integrating your email marketing with CRM and sales data from all your retail channels. Plus, let our in-house marketing team implement search engine optimization (SEO) services to ensure your custom retail website design gets found by your audience. Learn more about email marketing.


Order Management Software

Get Visibility Of Your Fulfillment From End-to-end

Online Order Fulfillment

Cumulus’ eCommerce website design is the most flexible and innovative SaaS system, offering order fulfillment, shipping and tracking tools and third-party shipping integrations. Gain visibility of inventory and manage orders across all retail channels in a single database. Integrate with marketplaces such as Amazon and Walmart and allow them to fulfill orders for you.

  • Integrate with third-party shipping options (FedEx, UPS, USPS)
  • Feature shipping surcharge flags
  • Print shipping labels and packing slips
  • Send out-of-stock and shipping restriction notifications
  • Offer options to buy online, pick-up and return in store
  • Provide live and international shipping rates

Integrate With
Leading Online
Marketplaces and More

Online eCommerce Marketplace Integrations

Cumulus’ eCommerce website design and point of sale integrates with leading online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart and more. Through these leading integrations, you can easily upload and sell your products, and track those sales in a single place. Beyond that, our partnerships provide you the option to fulfill orders yourself or have the eCommerce marketplace software fulfill them for you.

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Ebay
  • And More

Security And

Retailers like you need fast, secure and affordable eCommerce hosting, plus helpful support. Cumulus eCommerce is trusted by hundreds of small-to-mid size businesses to provide and manage cloud hosting solutions that will keep your sensitive data secure and your business up and running. Beyond that, our knowledgeable and responsive support professionals become your right-hand team, assisting via phone, chat (including voice-to-chat), email, FAQs, video tutorials or however else you need them.

  • Get unlimited bandwidth and data storage features
  • Access our backup cloud and hacking protection services
  • Secure your sensitive data with tokenization
  • Access our support team via phone, chat and email

ADA-Compliant eCommerce Solutions

Celerant Technology’s eCommerce solutions seamlessly integrate with AudioEye, a leading web accessibility solution for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) compliance. By harnessing the power of AudioEye’s AI-driven ADA solution, Celerant empowers retailers to uphold ADA compliance and provide an inclusive online experience. The integration has a wide range of features, allowing retailers to safeguard their online business by adhering to ADA requirements while expanding their customer base.


In store and eCommerce website design packages for Cumulus Retail are scalable so as you grow, your POS and eCommerce system growth with you.

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