Increase Your Sales Through Online Marketplace Integrations

Online Marketplaces

While consumers are changing the ways in which they are buying, now is the time for retailers to expand beyond physical stores and websites and move into online marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart or eBay.

Amazon Integration

With Celerant Technology’s Amazon online marketplace integration, you can easily post and manage your listings and orders with just a few clicks, with no manual entry. By selecting your products from within the Celerant Technology retail software you can quickly post to the Amazon marketplaces with ease.

Walmart Integration

With Celerant Technology’s Walmart marketplace integration, you can easily search your products and list them with Walmart all in one place. Choose the departments that you would like to select from, then select from Walmart’s category drop down to create your mapping. Scroll through your products and simply check off the styles that you want to list on the online marketplace. Here you can also quickly view and confirm your price, brand and product information. Once your products are selected, simply click ‘add items’ to Walmart and they will instantly be available for sale on the online marketplace. After your products are listed, managing them is a breeze. Easily view your active listings where you can update or retire any SKU on the fly. Complete bulk updates quickly by uploading CSV files for price changes, inventory updates or fulfillment lag time. You can view your orders and order details as well as acknowledge, cancel, ship or refund your orders.

eBay Integration

With Celerant Technology’s eBay online marketplace integration, it’s easy to list your products and manage your listings in real time. First, easily create your eBay category mapping. Select your department within Celerant Technology and then select your matching eBay categories. Then add your products through the item upload. Select your department and search for the items that you want to sell on eBay. Once selected click ‘add items’ to eBay, it’s that easy. You can see that we had no active listings but once the page is refreshed there is our new active listing. In real time and with just a few clicks, your products are now listed on eBay and available for sale. Just as with Amazon and Walmart you can view your listings, manage your orders, upload bulk items and check your status feeds all from one place within your Celerant Technology software.

Increase Your Online Sales

Expand your online presence and increase online sales by integrating your eCommerce website with online marketplaces.