Stratus Analytics: Make Smarter Business Decisions with Powerful Retail Analytics

Welcome to Stratus Analytics, your solution for turning raw data into actionable insights. Our cloud-based analytics tool can be deployed quickly without costly IT resources, and empowers retailers with easy-to-understand analytics.

Make Data-Driven Business Decisions!

Anyone on your team can create reports and leverage analytics, effortlessly, to make data-driven decisions, regardless of their role in the organization.

Dive into Reports and Dashboards!

With over 250 canned reports and our built-in report designer, you can easily create custom, interactive reports and dashboards for all aspects of your business.

Unlock Revenue Growth and Cost Savings!

Stratus Analytics pulls real-time sales, customer and inventory data from your Stratus Enterprise point of sale 🏪 and eCommerce website 🛒 so you can optimize everything from pricing, cross-selling and upselling, product assortment, inventory allocation, promotions, staff schedules and much more.

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Identify your Top-Sellers!

The tool monitors product performance, helping you identify your best sellers, decide how much to restock per location, and create effective pricing and discounting strategies to maximize profit.

Keep your Staff Updated!

Easily setup automated email reports, and access Stratus Analytics on any device- ensuring your team has actionable insights anytime, in the palm of their hands.

Empower your team to make informed decisions and drive success! Experience the power of Stratus Analytics today!