Retailers use SPS Commerce Integration for Sourcing and Purchase Orders

More Product Choices with More Vendors

At Celerant, we’ve been partnered with SPS Commerce for over 10 years and the integration that we have with SPS provides tremendous value to our retailers using our Stratus Enterprise system.

It’s a one-to-many solution where when our retailers hook up with SPS through our software, it opens them up to literally thousands of vendors to help them source better products and streamline their ordering process.

One Integration Opens the Door to More Vendors

So the integration between Celerant and SPS is when a retailer is using Celerant and they’re directly connecting to SPS Commerce and then they have access to our network of 90,000 suppliers.

If they’re doing this on their own, they would actually have to integrate once to each one of those suppliers individually. So that’s where we see the benefit so you can think of SPS as almost an extension of that retail organization and that we’re their outsourced EDI department.

Full Dedicated Team with Multiple Functions

The biggest benefit that we bring Celerant customers is our team.

We actually have all of the people, the process, and the technology. Once we create these specifications with you, specific for your business, we then have an entire enablement team, which we call our community team.

So it’s amazing to have maybe the technology, but if you don’t have the people in the process as well to be able to make the technology work for your business that you’ve invested in, that’s the biggest differentiator where SPS comes in.

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Open the door to more than 90,000 new vendors with the SPS Commerce integration