Product Pricing Management Software

With product imports, customizable product categories, integrated tag printing and the ability to make bulk updates, managing your products and pricing is easy with Cumulus POS and product pricing management software.

Easily create, import and modify products with Cumulus’ retail pricing software using the product and pricing management tools to update your retail stores and eCommerce site. Cumulus offers the most advanced product and pricing features, such as vendor catalog imports, tag printing, price markdowns, coupons and more in one advanced POS, inventory and pricing management software package.

Gain Complete Control Over Your Products and Pricing

  • Enter and modify individual or bulk product information
  • Import product lists from files quickly and easily
  • Browse vendor catalogs and import items
  • Launch pricing promotions, coupons and incentives
  • Get real-time visibility into your inventory across locations
  • Create and assign custom categories to specific products
  • Manage products using three-dimensional product matrices

Add, Create and
Modify Products
On Your Screen

Product imports and modification

Import new products and modify individual or bulk information in the Cumulus database from the POS screen to more accurately track your inventory with this pricing software for retail. From typical modifications to changes as specific as preventing certain products from being sold on particular days, our product modification options give you complete control over your POS and inventory integrated into your retail software.

Import Vendor Products Into Your Own Database

Vendor catalog imports

Browse vendor catalogs and select items to sell. You can import items, product descriptions and images into your Cumulus database, and update it against the catalogs at customized intervals to ensure the newest products make it to your shelves.

Track Inventory and Sales Across Multiple Stores

Multi-store tracking

With Cumulus’ multi-store tracking feature, you can gain real-time visibility into your POS and inventory software across all stores to see which locations need more inventory, which products are selling the fastest, and other buyer behaviors and trends that you can act on.

Get Started

Change Prices
And Set Custom

Pricing with bulk changes

Change the price of your products by dollar or percentage or set a new price altogether to accommodate seasonal demand, consumer preferences and other factors. This retail price management software lets you easily set specific requirements and/or restrictions for coupon and gift certificate redemption, plan temporary promotions, schedule markdowns, perform price checks and more.

Assign Custom Product Categories and Tags

Product categories and tags

Easily create and assign custom product and department category levels to sort, organize and off-load products when they are received. Custom categories make it simple to categorize even the most unique items. Beyond that, our retail price tag software lets you print pricing and barcode tags for merchandise as the items arrive, or when you need a new tag for an item.

Use Size, Color
And Style Matrices
To Track Products

3-dimensional product matrices

Cumulus’ size, color and style matrices let you display products in a tabular format, allowing for easy selection of multiple similar products during a transaction. Our predefined color pick lists also let you create and use pre-defined color definitions, which can be added to the products descriptions.


In store and eCommerce packages for Cumulus Retail are scalable so as you grow, your POS and eCommerce system growth with you.

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