E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Builds Brand For Apparel Retailer, CATO Fashions

Learn how women’s fashion specialty retailer launched their E-Commerce website to meet the demands of their customers to shop online.

“We felt that Celerant provided a great value for us, was able to incorporate all of these modifications we were looking for and was able to get us up and running in a pretty tight timeframe…[Celerant] allowed us to better communicate our story and our brand.”
– Kerry Walter, Vice President of E-Commerce & Marketing at Cato Corporation

Apparel Customers Demand Online Shopping!

Cato Fashions, a women’s fashion specialty retailer with over 1,000 retail store locations was feeling the pressure from their customers to bring their apparel business into the E-Commerce, mobile world. One concern was whether or not they could find a single retail software provider who could integrate all their front-end and back-end needs. The other concern was the timeframe to getting their E-Commerce website up and running, all the integrations setup and the fulfillment process in place. And finally, how could they drive traffic and optimize promotions through digital channels after the website goes live.

The Need for E-Commerce

Celerant’s E-Commerce provides Cato Fashions advanced features specific to their needs, real-time visibility of their inventory and allows returns to be accepted in any store. The flexible website design offers their customer’s a mobile commerce experience. Cato Fashions can easily post product descriptions and pictures on any webpage with the automatic insertion feature. Products can be posted and managed from any terminal with unlimited product categories and multi-tier pricing available.

Then the Need for Digital Marketing

Celerant also provides Cato Fashions integrated digital marketing services to provide them the tools and marketing services necessary to boost their website visibility, traffic to their website and stores and, most importantly, conversions and revenue. Using their E-Commerce Analytics, they can monitor and improve the performance of their site including load time, fulfillment, and customer retention.

But Then the Need for Email Marketing Automation

Cato Fashions also takes advantage of Celerant’s integrated email automation services which pulls sales data in real-time to dynamically segment consumers based on their shopping behaviors, past purchases, brand preferences and demographics. Email campaigns, which are typically based on promotions, abandoned cart recovery or to encourage product reviews, are customized and sent based on automated workflows. This ensures consumers receive the ideal emails and messaging meant for them, which increases the chances they will click and convert into a sale.

Problem Solved!

Cato Fashions partnered with Celerant to launch their E-Commerce website to help meet the demands of their customers to shop online. They needed one software provider who could handle all their E-Commerce integrations. Celerant’s E-Commerce solution with integrated digital marketing helped Cato Fashions to build a larger web base and better communicate their brand. Manage your entire business with the #1 retail software for apparel retailers and partner with a retail software company who cares about your success now and for years to come.

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