Top 5 Retail Software Provider for the Last 10 Years

Celerant is the only comprehensive cloud-based retail commerce software designed for enterprise and small businesses, featuring both in-store and ecommerce. Our end-to-end software offers a seamless upgrade path from single-store to enterprise-level solutions, and has helped our clients see a 22% growth in eCommerce sales, year over year. Cloud-based and customizable with specific functionality across industries, Celerant maximizes business growth and efficiency.

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In Store Operations

  • Always on Point of Sale
  • Products & Pricing
  • Customers & Loyalty
  • Inventory & Fulfillment
  • Reporting & Accounting
  • Vendor Management

Custom eCommerce

  • Custom and responsive design
  • Seamless buying experience
  • Best-store automated fulfillment
  • Site content management
  • Online marketplace integrations
  • Email marketing automation

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