Go Mobile to Make Physical Inventory Easier

With a mobile device, you can complete inventory tasks faster from anywhereMobile Physical Inventory

It’s “physical inventory time” for most retailers. While this is no easy task, using a mobile device to count inventory sure makes it easier. Not only will it save time (which is especially important for retailers that close their doors during their annual inventory counts), it also reduces errors by eliminating double entry of data.

Since it doesn’t require significant planning or a large investment, you can go mobile fairly quickly. Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Software: Ask your POS or inventory management software provider if they offer a mobile inventory solution that can scan/count inventory. If not, find out what data format can be imported into their system.
  2. Hardware: Purchase a mobile barcode scanner that supports the software or data format required by your POS provider. If you use an iOS, you will also need a scanner peripheral, such as a Linea-Pro. An app can be purchased and easily downloaded from the Apple App Store to simplify your inventory processes. This is a perfect option for stores seeking a light-weight, cost-effective device to complete physical inventory and smaller cycle counts. Another option for retailers with larger amounts of inventory and turnover is a Portable Data Terminal (PDT) like the Skorpio X3. This is a more expensive option but it is easier to handle (comfortable hand grip) and more durable than the mobile app option.
  3. Integration: Get instructions from your POS provider how to transfer the data from your mobile inventory solution to your POS or inventory management database.

Celerant’s mobile inventory app runs on iOS and the Skorpio X3 Portable Data Terminal (PDT). It enables retailers to scan and look up inventory, and perform cycle counts without manual entry. Retailers can also enter POs, receive/transfer products, change style attributes, enter prices, process sales orders from anywhere. To learn more, please visit https://www.celerant.com/retail-software/inventory-management/mobile-inventory-applications/.


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