How to Sell More Products by Doing Less Work

Simplify your daily tasks with catalog imports, automated purchase orders & drop shipping

Import products easily into the POS

Browse vendor catalogs and select the items you would like to sell in your store. Retailers can import the items into their Point of Sale database, including well detailed descriptions of products and images. Update your POS against vendor catalogs at customized intervals of your choosing to make sure that products you typically stock are in store and available as needed.

Reorder inventory automatically:

Retailers can restock their inventory based on minimum & maximum values in their Point of Sale which are customizable based on preferences. The POS will then send automated purchase orders to the vendor based on what your current stock levels are; in turn the vendor will fulfill the order so your store always has the right amount of merchandise.

Offer broader product lines online

Just as with importing products into the Point of Sale, Retailers have the ability to select the products they want to sell online, and pull the vendors available inventory levels to display on their eCommerce website, with product descriptions and images from the vendor.  Retailers can sell many more products and wider product lines on their websites in comparison to what they stock and sell in their store. Expanding your range of products online essentially expands your customer base.

Drop ship orders

Retailers can then drop ship these products from their vendor’s warehouse directly to their customers.  Often times the vendor will even use the retailers branding, so the customer thinks it is coming to them directly from their trusted retailer.  Retailers have reporting made available to easily track all of the orders coming in as well as the fulfillment status; so they can just watch the dollars roll in, with little effort.


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