Bookstore POS System & Inventory Management Software

Modern book retailers require a powerful, easy-to-use POS designed to handle a variety of products including; books, gifts, toys & games, and other specialty items. Celerant’s POS software includes all the functionality book stores need to run their business more efficiently, including a direct integration with leading distributors such as Ingram; allowing you direct access from your POS to live product inventory from 30,000+ publishers available for special orders & drop shipping.

Bookstore POS System


Book stores require specialized point of sale software to handle the vast variety of books, specialty items, and unique products they sell. Celerant’s all-in-one platforms, including Stratus and Cumulus, are designed with the needs of a modern book retailer in mind. Celerant’s user friendly software, complete with direct integrations to industry leading distributors, is designed to streamline your in store & online book store operations.

"Cumulus made it much more user-friendly, especially for someone learning a new business from the start, having never done anything in business before. It really paired things down to what was important. We love it because it’s simple and user-friendly. We can have conversations with our customers while checking them out. Celerant offers very good technical support, so I can get back to what we really love, which is helping our customers."

– Allison Todd, Owner, The Magic Box Toys

Complete Commerce For Book Retailers

  • Access millions of active and out-of-print books from over 30,000 publishers
  • Automate your purchasing for store replenishment based on min/max levels
  • Create special & drop shipped orders with live, real time, product lookup from leading distributors
  • Determine what your customers love most with advanced reporting
  • Launch an integrated eCommerce site as an extension of your book store
  • Promote your website through social media and digital marketing
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Mobile POS

Sell books anywhere with mobile point-of-sale

With a mobile POS device that integrates seamlessly into your book store inventory software, you can assist customers from anywhere in your store. Our book store inventory software allows you to special order products, look up prices, access inventory levels, process sales transactions with EMV chip card readers, accept returns, put sales on hold, offer gift receipts and more.


Launch and drive traffic to an integrated eCommerce site

Launch an integrated eCommerce website that operates seamlessly with your store. Easily create pages using drag-and-drop features, post products and have orders flow right into your retail system. We also offer digital marketing services to help ensure that your site gets seen through social media integrations, search engine optimization (SEO) services and personalized email marketing automation.

Special Orders & Live Vendor Feeds

Celerant’s point of sale and eCommerce integrates with Ingram and Educator’s Resource, enabling retailers to leverage collections of books, DVDs, games and other products in real-time, to carry and sell more products to customers in store and online.

Loyalty Programs

Entice visitors to come to your book store time and time again

When a customer has a book to buy, help them think about your book store by enticing them with loyalty rewards and incentive programs that integrate directly into your POS and inventory software. Loyalty rewards can be earned, or redeemed, for in-store and online purchases, and are viewable at the POS. The system will track their rewards for you, making it a seamless way to entice consistent customers.

Stored-Value Cards

Increase sales by offering gift cards, in store and online

Let your customers spread their love of your book store by offering gift cards for use in store or online. Gift cards, otherwise known as stored-value cards, are a strategic way to expand your customer base and increase sales. Integrated into the book store POS, our unique card offering is easy to set up and use.

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