Thrift Store POS System

Powerful cloud-based thrift store POS software and innovative eCommerce & ‘Virtual Store’ technology enables resale shops to manage your brick and mortar and online business as one with comprehensive buy/sell/trade, thrift store inventory management, mobile POS and eCommerce with curbside pickup.

About Celerant’s Retail Software for Thrift Shops

Whether you offer thrift, vintage or a combination of both Celerant has the unique features you need to manage your resale business. Built for the nuances of the resale market, our Cumulus and Stratus commerce solutions allow resale shops to quickly and easily import product, track purchase and sell prices, mange your inventory and much more! Additionally, our ‘Virtual Store’ technology takes the hassle out of online sales for resale shops, quickly creating an online showcase of your on-hand products. Discover all the ways our comprehensive thrift store point of sale system & eCommerce can help streamline your operations.

Consignment Shop Software

“The benefit of having that we were able to move to an automated system. Ultimately, I think they made us faster…For the most part, we were very much a pen and paper kind of a cash register system with complicated trade conversions and taxation. So Celerant’s ability to work with us and understand our business needs and to also support us as we grow…is a company worth considering.”

-Sabrina Barger, Buffalo Exchange

Complete Commerce & POS For Resale Shops

  • Retail sales, buy/trade & consignment all in ONE system
  • Available products in your store instantly displayed for online sales with 'Virtual Store'
  • Marketplace integrations (Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Facebook, etc.)
  • Private party sales/transfers
  • Cash payout or store credit for purchases
  • Quickly help customers anywhere with mobile point of sale
  • Offer promotions based on customer and seasonal demand
  • Gift cards, gift certificates & layaways
  • Launch an integrated eCommerce site as an extension of your store
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Mobile Resale Shop POS

Quickly help customers anywhere with mobile point-of-sale

With our mobile thrift shop software you can assist customers with buy/sell/trade & sales transactions, returns, gift cards, layaways and more, quickly and easily from anywhere in your store via a compatible mobile device.

eCommerce & 'Virtual Stores'

Launch & promote your resale shop easier than ever before

Without the right tools, launching an eCommerce website for a resale shop can be a daunting task. Celerant’s innovative ‘Virtual Store’ pulls product data, in real-time, directly from your point of sale database, including product name, and price. Images can quickly be added using your store associates smart phone, and uploaded directly into the Virtual Store. Celerant’s Virtual Store technology makes eCommerce for resale shops easier than ever before.

Virtual Store - Cumulus Retail

Our original point of sale system no longer addressed the needs of our growing business. We needed a POS system that could be tailored to our specific industry, with built-in buy/trade functionality, along with robust reporting, and the ability to print custom promotions and receipts.

-Greene Street

Loyalty Programs

Incentivize customers with reward clubs and loyalty programs

Give your customers more reasons to love your resale shop with reward clubs and loyalty programs that help maintain customer loyalty and improve sales. Loyalty rewards can be earned for in store and online purchases and are viewable by the cashier at the POS. Using data from the thrift store POS system, coupons can be targeted to consumers based on prior transactions, top customers and to customers with a gift card balance, a key feature of our resale store software whether you have a single shop or multiple locations.

Digital Marketing

Promote your resale shop through digital marketing

Through Celerant’s social media integrations, such as Facebook and Instagram, you can promote your business and sell products through social newsfeeds. Our in-house marketing team can also help ensure that your site gets seen by potential buyers and shoppers through search engine optimization (SEO) services and a personalized email marketing platform which integrates with your sales and customer data, in real-time.

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