Jay’s Sporting Goods Runs their Hunt/Fish/Camp Business Better with Celerant Technology

Jay’s Sporting Goods, a hunt/fish/camp retailer, was started over 50 years ago by owner Jeff Poet’s dad Jay. Employees at Jay’s Sporting Goods have a strong tradition of passion for the outdoors and for providing excellent customer service. However, as the company grew, Jeff realized that the software they had wasn’t going to cut it. It was very cumbersome, slow, and glitchy. After doing some research, Jeff found Celerant to be the best choice to cover the diverse, wide range of products that the company sells.

Choose The Right Partners

Firearms have been the cornerstone of the business since its creation so many years ago. As These kinds of products have a lot of compliance requirements, so it’s important that Jay’s Sporting Goods can keep up with all the regulations. Thankfully, Celerant has been able to make this much easier with their software. They have been able to bring in the right partners to the table to not only keep Jay’s Sporting Goods compliant, but also keep them on the front end of technology. With these partnerships, Celerant has been able to make dealing with the ATF and FBI a much smoother process. They’ve also made it easy to find product serial numbers.

"Celerant handles firearms transactions very well, but beyond that they keep you on the front edge especially on the technology and how we deal with the ATF and the FBI...We all got in this business at Jay’s because we have a passion for being outdoors. Our customers have that same passion so we love exchanging the passion and having the product. Celerant is a huge tool in the tool box so we can do it efficiently and hit the mark."

Jeff Poet- Jay's Sporting Goods

Manage Your Inventory

Another piece of technology that works really well for the brick and mortar stores is the auto-replenishment capabilities when working with distributors. Jay’s Sporting Goods has customers that travel a long way to shop there because they know that Jay’s will have things in stock. With Celerant’s help, Jay’s Sporting Goods has been able to integrate their POS directly with their distributors, which helps to make sure that they don’t run out of stock or buy too much of any item.

Launch an eCommerce Business

Not only has Celerant been able to help out the brick and mortar side of the business, but they’ve been able to help the eCommerce side as well. With Celerant, employees at Jay’s Sporting Goods can plug in distributors online and show in real time what is in stock. Celerant has also given them the ability to have the distributor drop ship items directly to the customer. This speeds up the efficiency of the process and helps to keep customers happy. 

Stay Competitive 

With all these aspects, Celerant has helped to keep Jay’s Sporting Goods competitive in a very dynamic and changing world. By partnering with Celerant, they’ve been able to stay on the front end of technology and continue to do things efficiently.

Celerant is here to help your company to improve its operations and help you to troubleshoot whenever you need it. Take advantage of our vast range of products and services so we can help your business grow.


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