Top 10 Reasons to upgrade to Cumulus Retail

1) Web-based: Manage your business from anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection.

2) Real-time: Updates to products, pricing and promotions are entered once and reflected in your store(s) in real-time without polling; and your website is fully-integrated as well.

3) Mobile-friendly: Ring sales and help customers anywhere on the sales floor, or at trunk shows, sidewalk sales or trade shows using a tablet.

4) Always-on: Ensure you can ring up sales, and access all point of sale functionality, if internet connectivity goes down.

5) Gift Cards: As part of the upgrade, Celerant can convert your existing gift cards to Cumulus, and you will no longer be charged a fee to load or redeem them.

6) Loyalty Rewards: Determine the amount of “Points” earned per item/brand/department, and schedule “bonus point days” to boost sales during the slower times.

7) Processors: Choose from a larger selection of credit card processors, including OpenEdge.

8) eCommerce: Quickly display products online with our fully-integrated and modern Cumulus eCommerce solution, or interface with your existing Shopify or WooCommerce site.

9) Online Marketplaces: Sell on Amazon, eBay and/or Walmart. With Amazon, you can choose ‘Fulfillment by Merchant’ and/or ‘Fulfillment by Amazon’.

10) Hardware: Leverage most of your existing hardware with Cumulus (some hardware used with older versions of RetailSTAR may need to be replaced).

Upgrade Promotion for CAM Customers

  • 1st month of software FREE
  • 50% off training
  • 10% off hardware (If needed, but not required)
  • Free data conversion for RetailSTAR clients (significant discounts available for Profit$ and CAM 32 clients)

Hear from a customer who recently upgraded from RetailSTAR to Cumulus:

[yotuwp type=”videos” id=”c6X4JpjZJBg” player=”width=960&rel=0″]

“Cumulus made it much more user-friendly, especially for someone learning a new business from the start, having never done anything in business before. It really paired things down to what was important. We love it because it’s simple and user-friendly. We can have conversations with our customers while checking them out. Celerant offers very good technical support, so I can get back to what we really love, which is helping our customers.”

Allison Todd, Owner, Magic Box Toys

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