If a shopper can’t find the products they want, they will go elsewhere- it’s that simple. With Celerant’s In Store Kiosks, you can offer an ‘Endless Aisle’ without stocking more inventory. Access the kiosk on a mobile tablet or traditional workstation, and search for any product via the Celerant Product Catalog. Then view the product to confirm it’s the item your customer wants, and create a special order within Celerant’s Point of Sale.

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Access over 5M products across 75,000 brands

Step 1: Search Product
Turn your tablet or workstation into a kiosk, & search for any product (by department, brand, keyword or UPC) from Celerant’s Product Catalog.
Step 2: Confirm Product
Select the product, and view the product’s details (i.e., style, description, price, colors, sizes, image) to confirm it’s the item your customer wants.
Step 3: Place Order
Create a special order from Celerant’s point of sale, allowing you to offer an ‘endless aisle’ without stocking a ton more inventory in your store.

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In Store Kiosks

“With our new product catalog, retailers can quickly expand their product database without manually entering products. The catalog will benefit both startup retailers that carry limited brands; and more experienced retailers looking to increase their product offering. Our goal is to compile the largest and most diverse online catalog that the retail industry has ever seen.”

-Ian Goldman, CEO, Celerant TechnologyCelerant Logo White

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