#1. No more manual data entry

When systems don’t “talk” to each other, you have to duplicate efforts by manually adding product data (colors, sizes, styles, images, ect.), entering online orders, and combining reports from both systems. This is time consuming, and leads to inconsistent data and inefficiencies such as overstocks, out-of-stocks, delayed orders, duplicated data, needless returns and, ultimately, lost sales. Wouldn’t it be great if you could minimize errors and easily post products to your website from within your POS with just a few clicks?

#2. Real-time inventory

You can operate more efficiently when managing your store and website inventory within one solution. Having access to real-time, shared inventory across your store(s), warehouse and web, allows you to easily transfer merchandise, and ensure stock levels are reflected, in real-time in your database as soon as an item is sold in your store or on your web- preventing out-of-stocks and angry customers.

#3. Cross channel promotions & incentives

It’s important to have a retail system that allows pricing, coupons, loyalty rewards & gift cards to be redeemed in-store and online. Pricing can be setup so when there is a price change it will be reflected on both your channels. Coupons and promotions can be handled with ease and without depending on your POS clerks to manually enter discounts, which can slow down your register and increase your fraud risk.

#4. In store pickups & returns

As online shopping evolves and the Amazon model becomes the new standard, shoppers expect orders to be delivered quicker, and the options to pickup in store. By integrating your POS with your online store, and using your store as a fulfillment center, you can allow customers to purchase products online and pick-up/return in store; offer faster delivery options; and reduce shipping costs. Add a store locator on your website to show available inventory per store for extra shopping convenience.

5. Cross channel marketing

Take advantage of what the big companies already know- you’re best customers are those who shop through multiple channels. These are often the ones who review products on your website and post orders on social media. By merging your store and online data, you can make your cross-channel promotions more effective. Automated email campaigns can target shoppers based on their entire buying patterns and brand preferences by leveraging data from every retail channel your customers visit including your store, website and third-party marketplaces (i.e., Farfetch, Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc.).

Still not sure if an integrated eCommerce solution is right for you? Watch this video to see the many benefits!
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“We chose Cumulus because we wanted a platform that was going to keep up with us, and we could see the inventory that’s in the stores now versus having to catch up in a couple of hours or days. With Cumulus, I can just look at everyone’s inventory, it’s real-time and I’m able to get it then.”

– Katie Floyd and Maisie Wann, Trinkets Boutiquetrinkets logo

In Store

Manage apparel, footwear & accessories

Assist customers anywhere with Celerant’s mobile POS; import products; manage styles via a 3-D color/size matrix; automatically replenish inventory; and offer targeted promotions, BOGOs, coupons and loyalty rewards. Leverage Celerant’s Product Catalog to search through an “endless aisle” of products you may not currently carry, and order them on the POS.


Sell more soft goods online

Celerant’s eCommerce integrates with the POS, allowing you to operate your store and website in a single place. Fulfill online orders from your stores, and drop ship through your distributors. Increase sales by integrating with online marketplaces (Farfetch, Amazon, eBay); and by sending automated, personalized email campaigns based on the shopper’s brand preferences and past purchases.

Digital Marketing

Promote your apparel business

Celerant’s email automation platform integrates with your sales and CRM in real-time, allowing you to personalize email campaigns based on your shoppers’ brand preferences, past purchases and demographics. Celerant also offers social media integrations to help you promote and sell products through social news feeds; and services for email marketing and eCommerce SEO.

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