Email marketing is by far the most cost effective way to promote your business. You can significantly increase traffic and sales to your website and store by sending the right message at the right time. But- if you are like most retailers, you send general emails to your entire list, with minimal response.

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With Celerant, you can send targeted emails to specific customers based on their past purchases and preferences. Your Celerant point of sale and eCommerce would be integrated with your Celerant email marketing platform, pulling live sales and customer data, so you can create meaningful promotions for shoppers.

Want to try it for FREE? At Celerant, we offer our new Cumulus eCommerce customers their first 3 months of email marketing services for FREE! Right away, from the very first email sent, you will be able to track the new sales earned as a result of that email. Learn more today!

6 Sample Email Workflows for Retailers

#1: Encourage Online Reviews
(Trigger: 2 weeks after customer makes a purchase)

#4: Recover Abandoned Cart
(Trigger: Shopper leaves site without checking out)

#2: Bring Customers Back
(Trigger: Customer doesn’t purchase in 6 months)

#5: Boost Customer Loyalty
(Trigger: Customer birthday, anniversary, etc)

#3: Remind Gift Card
(Trigger: Gift card hasn’t been used in 6 months)

#6: Promote Upsell Items
(Trigger: Customer purchases a product)

“Conversion rates from segmented emails have been significant for us. In fact, email campaigns account for about 22 percent of our total online revenue. In addition, email marketing is the number two driver of traffic to our site, right behind search engine keyword and pay-per-click campaigns. But in terms of ROI, email marketing is number one by far, making it one of the lifelines of our business.”

-Anthony Qaium, President, Merz Apothecary

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