The retail industry is changing at a rapid rate, affecting your overall sales. With consumers changing the ways in which they are buying, you need to come up with new ways to make those sales. Now is the time to expand beyond your store and website, and move into online marketplaces, such as Amazon, Walmart or eBay.

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At Celerant, we offer 1 click marketplace integrations to popular shopping sites. Through our point of sale software, you can easily post your products to multiple shopping sites, and eliminate the need to manually enter your product data and/or your orders. With Cumulus Retail, you can expand your market reach- with little to no effort on your part!

Expand online sales beyond your website

  • Integrate with Amazon, eBay & Walmart
  • Easily push products to marketplaces from within your Celerant software
  • Manage your listings through Celerant’s software
  • Update or retire a SKU on-the-fly
  • Complete bulk price changes, inventory updates & fulfillment log time
  • View order details, acknowledgements, cancellations, shipping & refunds
  • Choose Fulfillment by Amazon or Fulfillment by Merchant

“As a retailer, you are always trying to find how are you going to succeed in this crazy, Amazon-dominated world? Our feeling was rather than try to beat them, we would try to join them. I think it is pretty impressive to achieve such high sales with Amazon through an integration with our Celerant point of sale system, and not have to use a lot of other tools and manpower to get that done. We are no longer overselling or underselling or having strange discrepancies between what we think we have in stock and is actually in stock.”

-Anthony Qaium, President, Merz Apothecary

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