Each year, ‘gift & specialty retailers’ attend Celerant’s conference to stay ahead of technology, trends & competition. It’s an opportunity to learn about new software features, best practices, partner integrations, & network with retailers.

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This year’s key topics for ‘gift shops’
  • Mobile popup shops
  • In store & online shopping trends
  • Loyalty rewards
  • Marketplace & social integrations
  • Special & custom orders
  • Personalized email campaigns

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In Store

Sell unique gifts, jewelry & more

Use mobile POS to assist customers anywhere, including sidewalk sales, throughout a museum or arena, even if your internet connection is down. Import products, drop ship and replenish inventory with automated purchase orders. Offer targeted promotions, BOGOs, coupons and loyalty rewards. Leverage Celerant’s Product Catalog to search through an “endless aisle” of products you may not currently carry, and order them on the POS.


Sell more gift & specialty items online

Launch an integrated eCommerce site as an extension of your store. Fulfill online orders from your stores, and drop ship through your distributors. Increase sales by integrating with online marketplaces (i.e., Amazon, eBay). Send automated, personalized email campaigns based on your customer’s brand preferences and past purchases. Ensure you are aware when low-quantity items are sold in store or online.

“I am processing north of 1,000 orders every day; Celerant has given me the ability to automate the fulfillment process for all my orders, whether it’s in store, on our website, over the phone or on Amazon. This event gives me an opportunity to learn about new features that can increase my operational efficiency, as well as give Celerant feedback on the tools I am currently using.”

– Anthony Qaiyum, Owner of Merz ApothecaryLogo

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