Winning Business With Customer Service & Point of Sale

With 14 local locations in North Carolina, Omega Sports is a booming business. While they’re known locally for their excellent customer service, their business needed a way to compete with the big-box sporting goods retailers. They decided that embracing technology was the answer.

Stratus Enterprise - Powerful Omnichannel Solution

By partnering with Celerant, Omega Sports has the extra advantage they need to succeed and grow in the sporting goods sphere. Celerant has helped Omega Sports to not only understand their business and data but also how to use this data to make faster and better decisions.

"With Celerant's retail software, we created a cohesive rewards program linking customer data with their online/in store purchases. Then using Celerant's integrated email marketing, we can stay in front of our customers, and remind them of the benefits of shopping with Omega."

Craig Carlock, Founder & CEO - Omega Sports

Celerant’s software provides an integrated system for Omega Sports to manage their POS, inventory management, and warehouse management all in one place. With so much competition, Omega Sports realized that they needed the tools to more easily be able to make a sale, and Celerant provided the solution.

Having the Right Partners 

Customers nowadays are all about convenience. They want to go into the store and find what they want quickly or be able to buy things online. With Celerant, Omega Sports can help customers to find a product and access it quickly. Celerant has even helped them to make an online store so customers can buy products whenever and wherever they want.

Worldpay has been a great partner for Celerant to provide an integrated payment solution and allow retailers like Omega Sports to offer a secure platform for their clients. Any business owner knows that secure credit card processing is crucial, and Worldpay is a secure, reliable, and cost-competitive solution. 

Staying Competitive 

Celerant allows you to manage your business securely and conveniently so you can run it smoothly. Partner with us today to reap the benefits of Celerant’s quality integrated software solution!


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