Omega Sports Manages POS, E-Commerce, Inventory, Customer Loyalty & Email Marketing In One System

Compete with big box retailers: simplify inventory management, E-Commerce & digital marketing

“Celerant is the central nervous system of our company so it permeates all of our locations, it permeates how we think about our business. The data we see in the office, in our warehouse, any place we’re interacting and transacting and keeping track of things, Celerant is there…it’s reliable, it works.”
– Craig Carlock, CEO of Omega Sports

How can this growing sporting goods retailer get to the next level?

Omega Sports needed a POS software solution that could manage inventory across all 14 of their local sporting good stores and warehouse/distribution center without complicated integrations. They also wanted the digital tools to reach new customers and interact with existing customers based on their purchase behaviors. And they wanted all this in a single system where each module could talk to each other. 

Omega was looking for a partnership with one retail software provider who understood their needs and had extensive expertise in each area of their sporting goods business. With Celerant, the “central nervous system” of their company,  Omega Sports is now able to manage inventory across all their store and warehouse locations. They began collecting customer data at the point of sale in their stores which will allow them to create digital promotions targeting different customer segments. These personalized messages, based on their customer’s past purchase behaviors, can reduce unsubscribes, drive up sales and turn over inventory faster. 

Omega will link its online selling to its loyalty program so customers can accumulate rewards and discounts by buying either online or in-store. As part of its E-Commerce program, Omega opted for Celerant’s search engine optimization (SEO) services. With this ongoing service, a team of digital marketing experts will be analyzing both Omega’s website and that of its competitors, making frequent changes to the site and ensuring that Omega Sports stays competitive on the web and with a goal to be listed on the first page of Google’s search results.

Competing with big box retailers

“Being an SMB retailer, a big factor for us has been to determine how we can handle all of this while staying within our budget, which is of course much more conservative in comparison to our big-box competitors,” says Craig Carlock, CEO of Omega Sports. “Our decision to partner with one technology vendor to provide all aspects — our stores, the new website, email marketing, as well as search engine optimization services — enables us to overcome that challenge. Having one software partner also minimizes my team’s back-and-forth and support interactions, resulting in more efficiency across the board.”

Omega will now have the ability to manage their inventory, in-store and online sales, customer loyalty and email marketing programs through one database making them more competitive with the ever expanding big box competitors. While these big-box stores may have larger budgets and more technological resources, a smaller company like Omega can still make smart investments and have similar capabilities to those of the big-box retailers at a fraction of the cost.

Download the case study below to learn how Celerant addressed Omega Sport’s goal of delivering a single retail management system that could help them use technology to maintain their traditional customer service values while increasing sales.

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