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Automated Ordering & Endless Aisles

Celerant’s FFL retail software integrates with AmChar Wholesale, one of the largest shooting sports and law enforcement distributors in the United States. The integration seamlessly connects Celerant’s ATF-compliant point of sale, in store kiosks and eCommerce platform with AmChar, enabling dealers to import product catalogs, streamline inventory replenishment, and offer more products in store and online with less effort.

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Celerant + AmChar Wholesale: How the Integration Works

  • Access AmChar’s catalog from Celerant’s point of sale
  • Import the products you want to sell in store
  • Send purchase orders to Amchar to reorder inventory
  • Automate inventory replenishment based on min/max stock levels
  • Offer an endless aisle of products via in store kiosks
  • Display Amchar’s available stock with images/descriptions via eCommerce

Celerant’s FFL Retail Software

Celerant offers the leading retail software for the firearms industry, enabling FFL dealers to strengthen their business in store and online. As a preferred software provider for the NASGW, NSSF and NRA, Celerant supports FFLs through mobile POS, contactless payments, A&D/e4473, distributor integrations, auto ordering, eCommerce, curbside pickup, range and membership management, marketplace integrations and more. You may choose either Cumulus Retail™, a cost-effective, solution for smaller dealers; or Stratus Enterprise™, a comprehensive solution with advanced functionality.

Preferred Vendor NSSF NRA NASGW

"To be competitive, it’s vital for dealers to lean on their suppliers, and take advantage of all their services. AmChar covers a large selection of outdoor sportsman and law enforcement merchandise, and our integration provides dealers with the technology they need to carry more of their products both in store and online with less effort, in order to be more competitive.”

- Ian Goldman, CEO & President, Celerant Technology

"Celerant is a state-of-the-art retail software that offers the features our dealers need to run their businesses more efficiently. By integrating with Celerant, dealers can import our catalog to ensure they have the most recent product data, streamline the reordering process, access our data feeds for in-store kiosks and sell our available merchandise without having to stock the extra inventory.”

- Tony Dichario, CEO, AmChar Wholesale

#1 ATF-Compliant Point of Sale & eCommerce Solution for FFLs

  • Mobile point of sale
  • In store kiosks w/ endless aisles
  • A&D & e4473 integrations
  • Automated ordering
  • eCommerce w/ FFL locator
  • Mobile shopping apps
  • Marketplace integrations
  • Online lane scheduling
  • Rentals & repairs
  • Memberships & recurring billing
  • Range management
  • Automated email marketing

About AmChar Wholesale, Inc.

AmChar has been in the firearms business since 1980. During the last 40 years, we have become one of the top distributors in the industry for law enforcement entities and independent dealers in the United States. AmChar is backed by industry professionals who have been in the firearms business for over a half century. Our warehouse in Rochester, NY is full of over 200 brands that manufacture firearms, ammunition and accessories including Glock, Sig Sauer, Vista Outdoors and Hornady – just to mention a few. To complement our core firearm products we also carry optics, holsters, tactical gear, chemical sprays, cleaning equipment, and security equipment. For the dealers that specialize in law enforcement, AmChar Wholesale carries a wide variety of products that fit this need. We offer the firearms and ammunition that law enforcement professionals require. AmChar Wholesale is proud to say that we are one of the largest law enforcement distributors in the United States. For more information, visit

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