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Rebates for Independent Pet Food & Supply Retailers

Celerant Technology’s retail software enables pet food and supply retailers to manage their store and website; import products from vendors (i.e., Phillips Pet Food & Supply); manage curbside pickup; offer loyalty rewards and promotions; and much more. By integrating with ASTRO Loyalty, independent retailers can boost sales by streamlining the rebate process with manufacturers.

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Pet Store Retail Software

Manage & grow your pet store

Celerant enables independent pet food and supply retailers to grow their business in store and online; manage sales, customers and inventory; offer loyalty rewards; and more- all in a single platform.

  • Mobile POS & curbside pickup
  • Catalog imports (i.e., Phillips Pet Food & Supply)
  • Inventory management & auto-ordering
  • Discounting & customer loyalty programs
  • Integrated eCommerce & marketplace integrations
  • Pet-related classes with online registration
  • Automated email marketing

Integrate with ASTRO’s Rebate Program

By integrating Celerant’s point of sale with ASTRO Loyalty, pet supply retailers can offer and automate manufacturer rebates, eliminating the need to manually track and submit rebates. Several pet supply manufacturers now require retailers to integrate with ASTRO to participate in their rebate programs.

  • Access exclusive manufacturer rebate programs through ASTRO
  • Offer rebates to customers in store and/or online
  • Automatically send transaction data to ASTRO for reimbursement
  • Receive redemption credits quickly through ASTRO Loyalty
  • Gain access to real-time reporting for loyalty rewards

ASTRO Loyalty’s rebate program

Celerant Retail Software for Pet Stores

"Our goal is help pet supply retailers streamline and automate as many processes as possible, so they can focus more on their customers and customers’ pets. We are able to do that through our integration with ASTRO Loyalty for rebates, in addition to distributor integrations (i.e., Phillips Pet); eCommerce with curbside pickup; online reservations for pet-related classes; email automation and more."

- Ian Goldman, President and CEO of Celerant Technology

"We are very excited about our new partnership with Celerant Technology. We are dependent on the success of the independent pet retailer. The integration with Celerant will provide a professional and streamlined customer loyalty checkout process, along with automatic rebate processing, resulting in happy pet owner customers and pet retailers."

- Jimmy Haverstick, President of ASTRO Loyalty

Complete Retail Software for Pet Stores

  • Point of sale & in store kiosks
  • Pricing & promotions
  • Inventory management
  • Vendor integrations (i.e., Phillips Pet)
  • Memberships & loyalty rewards
  • Integrated eCommerce & drop shipping
  • Online marketplace integrations
  • Email marketing & SEO services
  • Pet-related classes with online reservations

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