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Celerant Technology partnered with Countrywide Sports to help dealers sell more firearms, ammunition and accessories with less effort. Through the integration, Celerant’s point of sale and eCommerce enables retailers to save time, reduce errors, automate ordering, and offer an ‘endless aisle’ of products in-store and online, while managing their entire business and ATF compliance as one.

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Celerant & Countrywide Sports

Save time, reduce errors, automate ordering, and sell more firearms/ammo with less effort via Celerant’s integration to Countrywide Sports.

  • Catalog access & product import- NO manual entry!
  • Digital purchase orders
  • Auto ordering with min/max stock levels
  • Data feeds for ‘endless aisle’ eCommerce & store kiosks
  • Drop shipping, in-store pickup & FFL Locator


One System For Your Firearms Business

  • Mobile point of sale w/ contactless payments
  • Digital bound book & e4473s
  • Catalog import &a auto ordering- all major distributors
  • eCommerce w/ data feed, drop ship & FFL Locator
  • Marketplaces- GunBroker,, Weapon Depot, Everest, etc.
  • Range management & course scheduling
  • Memberships w/ recurring billing & ID cards
  • Email marketing w/ live sales & CRM data

Preferred Vendor NSSF NRA NASGW

“To be successful in today’s market, firearm dealers need inventory as fast as possible, and the ability to automate their supply chain. Partnering with Countrywide Sports provides just that! Our integration automates processes for ordering, populating websites with products, and drop shipping- helping our dealers be more competitive and successful.”

- Ian Goldman, President & CEO, Celerant Technology

“With all the supply chain disruptions, it's important to have access to your vendor's stock levels as quickly as possible. Integrating with Celerant provides our dealers with the technology they need to operate their business, and leverage our available, on-hand inventory. Dealers can access and display thousands of firearm, ammo and accessory SKUs on Celerant’s in-store kiosks and eCommerce platform, automate the ordering process, and send orders to our warehouse for drop shipping. It’s that easy!”

- David Gregory, President, Countrywide Sports

Leading FFL Point of Sale & eCommerce Software

  • Mobile Point of Sale
  • Distributor Integrations
  • Catalog Imports & Ordering
  • A&D, e4473, Smartwaiver
  • Memberships w/ Recurring Billing
  • Integrated eCommerce w/ FFL Locator
  • In Store Pickup & Drop Shipping
  • Curbside Pickup App
  • Online Marketplace Integrations
  • Range Management
  • Firearm Course Scheduling
  • Email Marketing & SEO Services

About Countrywide Sports

Countrywide Sports carry’s an extensive selection of wholesale firearms, ammunition and accessories for defense & target shooting. Our wholesale merchandise is available for sale in a wide range of calibers. We only offer wholesale firearms and ammunition for resellers at best competitive price and carry ammo for sale with FMJ and lead bullets that are great for target and range shooting at some of the lowest prices available online. We carry 9mm, 10mm, 40sw, 45acp, 45 colt, and 44 magnum for personal protection and home defense. We stock handgun ammo from top of the line manufacturers: Corbon, Aguila, Aguila Minishells, Ballistic Silvertip, Barnes, CCI, DEER, Federal Cartridge, Fiocchi Ammunition, Gorilla Ammo, Hornady, LAPUA, Liberty Ammo, PMC Ammunition and more. Our goal is to be the best ammo shop for buying wholesale ammo online. Best firearms and ammo products, fast shipping, careful packaging and smooth hassle-free transactions are available for our customers.

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