FastBound & FFLGuard: Compliant Electronic Bound Books & e4473

Get simple and compliant electronic bound books and 4473

Celerant’s POS software integrates with FastBound’s A&D FFL software making ATF inspections a breeze. Whether you are a large dealer operating your firearms business with Stratus Enterprise, or a smaller dealer using Cumulus Retail, Celerant’s partnership with FastBound and FFLGuard provides dealers with peace of mind by offering an efficient, secure and compliant bookkeeping solution, guaranteed, along with FFL and ATF compliance attorneys for support.

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Process bound book entries easily from Celerant’s POS

  • Get legal defense services & compliance management via FFLGuard™
  • Don’t worry about hardware or 4473 transaction fees
  • Integrate FastBound™ with Cumulus Retail™ or Stratus Enterprise™
  • Access A&D book & form 4473 on any browser
  • Integrate with FFL eZ Check
  • Process multi-state background checks (Federal NICS)
  • Automate your backups
  • Provide auditors with digital or paper copies
  • Auto-update your POS after a transaction is complete

“With our focus on innovative in store and online retail technology, combined with FastBound’s easy-to-use compliance software plus the expertise and legal guidance of FFLGuard- dealers can automate their firearms business with an integrated solution providing comprehensive protection of their FFL and their business. It’s important for our dealers to proactively eliminate these errors before they occur, as opposed to after the fact when they could put their business in jeopardy.”

- Ian Goldman, CEO & President, Celerant Technology

“FastBound is honored to work with a firearms industry veteran like Celerant. The great work the Celerant team has done makes our attorney-backed A&D, 4473, and ATF compliance solutions as transparent as possible while staying compliant and it is now available to all FFLs using Celerant’s Stratus or Cumulus software. Celerant and FastBound, with legal support from FFLGuard, is huge for dealers. Dealers now have a single source for the absolute best retail software for stores, ranges, online, and mobile, the absolute best and most compliant A&D and 4473 available, and the absolute best legal support from FFLGuard, the #1 Firearms Compliance Program in the Country.”

- Jason Smith, Co-Founder and CEO, FastBound

Integrate your A&D and e4473 with Celerant’s POS software

FastBound, the leader in Acquisition and Disposition software, makes your electronic bound bookkeeping simple, secure and compliant, guaranteed. Stamped by the FFLGuard, FastBound ensures your logbooks are ATF-Compliant by staying up-to-date with all the latest ATF information and regulation changes. Dealers using Celerant’s POS software with FastBound A&D software have access to FFLGuard Quicktips™ and complete compliance protection with the FFLGuard ATF Protection Plus™.

FastBound’s A&D Bound Book/e4473 and Celerant’s retail POS software can be accessed on any device and support digital touch screens. With point of sale integration, retailers can easily process transactions, ensure accurate inventory, and significantly reduce errors and associated fines/penalties. Whether selling a gun in a retail store, range or gun show, you can maintain your Bound Book, process Form 4473 and update your Celerant POS in real time.

“The teaming of Celerant, FastBound and FFLGuard truly provides FFLs with the personal touch that the firearms market has been undersold to date when it comes to help with their firearms compliance needs. Having our Celerant, FastBound and FFLGuard #TripleThreat as part of an FFL’s day-to-day operation – as an authoritative compliance management tool – assures the FFL that all firearms compliance needs are accurately addressed 24/7 by qualified legal personnel and proven electronic providers. It’s the best of everything, all rolled into one solution for an FFL."

- Chris Chiafullo, National Coordinating Counsel, FFLGuard

"The Celerant software can manage your entire firearms business. We do have our own internal A&D, but now we also offer a seamless integration to FastBound A&D with e4473, which is all backed by the FFLGuard for compliance. Dealers can choose to take advantage of our internal functionality but we also go out and find the right partners to integrate with so that we can provide the best solution to the industry based on how the dealers want to run their business."

- Michele Salerno, Director of Marketing, Celerant Technology

Supporting the hunting, archery and outdoor industry—now and in the future

Some regard the firearms industry as sensitive due to its past dealings, management and impact. But thanks to the advent of technology, firearms dealers can easily maintain compliance, while becoming a significant contributor to the economy. Celerant has supported the firearms industry and will continue to do so, with compliance as the top initiative. Our goal is to enable hunting, archery and outdoor retailers to operate more efficiently, comply with the growing regulations and expand their business through innovation and technology.

Manage your entire firearms business with an integrated solution

Celerant Technology has provided innovative retail software for close to 20 years and is a preferred provider of the NSSF and the NRA. With decades of retail technology experience and hundreds of firearm clients, Celerant offers two retail solutions to the firearms market: its more affordable SaaS solution, Cumulus Retail, and its enterprise solution, Stratus Enterprise. Both retail systems allow dealers to manage their gun shops, shooting ranges, online eCommerce sales, marketplace integrations (e.g., GunBroker, SlickGuns,, Amazon), digital marketing, and more with one solution.

Celerant’s POS and ecommerce solution for firearms

  • Mobile POS with EMV for gun shows
  • Point of sale and range management
  • Class and course scheduling
  • Rentals, repairs and consignment
  • A&D books and e4473 with FastBound
  • Automated purchase orders with distributors
  • eCommerce with drop shipping
  • Online range reservations
  • Firearm marketplace integrations
  • Integrated email marketing
  • Memberships with recurring billing
  • Digital waivers through Smartwaiver

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