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Innovative, frictionless payment solution

Celerant’s eCommerce platform integrates with GoCart™ by Worldpay, an innovative, frictionless payment solution. Customers can checkout with no passwords or long forms to fill out, enabling online merchants to boost conversion rates, and process transactions faster and more securely with fewer cart abandonments.

GoCart is a value-added service with no additional fees for Worldpay processing merchants.* Subject to change.

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Celerant's eCommerce integrates with GoCart - Video

Celerant eCommerce + GoCart

  • GoCart seamlessly integrates with checkout & guest checkout
  • Payment links can be created for email, text, chat, QR code & more
  • At checkout, customers are immediately recognized based on their email address, & authenticate with a 6-digit code
  • Customers automatically ‘jump’ to their GoCart Wallet without filling out long forms or logging into the merchants’ site
  • Accepts debit & credit card, & coming soon, bank accounts, private label cards, points, & crypto
  • Decreases abandoned carts & increases conversion

One System For Your Retail Business

  • Mobile point of sale w/ contactless payments
  • Integrated eCommerce w/ drop shipping
  • Mobile shopping apps
  • Online marketplaces- Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc.
  • Inventory management & automated ordering
  • Promotions, discounts & loyalty rewards
  • BOPIS & curbside pickup app
  • Email marketing using live sales & customer data

Manage Your Entire Commerce With Celerant

  • In Store Operations
  • Integrated eCommerce
  • Payment Processing
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Customer Incentives
  • Curbside Pickup App
  • Buy Online, Pickup In Store
  • Accounting & ERP
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Marketing Integrations
  • Reporting & Analysis

“GoCart will be a large player in the market, working with all the major banks around the world, and 160 million users expected by the end of 2022. With these numbers, retailers can expect many of their customers to be GoCart users in the near future. Our goal by integrating with GoCart now is to help the solution grow, while allowing our retail clients to take advantage of this innovative solution, and enable faster and easier payments in the new year.”

- Zeke Hamdani, Director of Web Services, Celerant

“With the growing trend in eCommerce, it’s important to create a simpler and friction-free payment experience for customers. GoCart is excited to partner with Celerant to enable a better checkout experience that allows customers to pay easily on any device – no login, password or long forms needed. With an easier checkout experience, customers will keep coming back– which will help increase sales for Celerant’s clients.”

- Nick Hughes, Head of Growth for GoCart

About GoCart

Building the future of payments. GoCart was formed because of the all-too-common frustrations with current consumer payment solutions. Born out of FIS Impact Labs, a team dedicated to reducing friction in commerce, GoCart is committed to creating payment experiences that make every interaction quick and easy for everyone.

Our network is always growing. Already over 1,000 merchants across 3 industries. We have access to millions of consumers and hundreds of thousands of merchants.

Backed by the power of FIS. GoCart remains an independent company, but we have deep financial expertise and commitment to technological innovation thanks to our FIS roots.

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