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Celerant Technology integrates with, a new online marketplace for firearms. Through Celerant’s point of sale, dealers can display and sell store inventory on with local same-day pickup– enabling dealers to expand their market reach and increase online sales, regardless if they have an eCommerce website or not.

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Celerant Integrates with Marketplace + Celerant: How it Works

  • Product data is pushed from Celerant’s point of sale to
  • displays your products on their online marketplace with distributor images
  • Local customers can purchase products you have in-stock for same day pickup
  • Transactions are processed with your existing merchant account on the marketplace
  • Coming soon, orders will be pushed back to Celerant’s back office software


One System For Your Firearms Business

  • Mobile point of sale w/ contactless payments
  • Digital bound book & e4473s
  • Catalog import & auto ordering- all major distributors
  • eCommerce w/ drop ship & FFL Locator
  • Marketplaces- GunBroker,,, Weapon Depot, Everest, etc.
  • Range management & course scheduling
  • Memberships w/ recurring billing & ID cards

Preferred Vendor NSSF NRA NASGW

“With consumers shopping online more than ever, it’s vital for dealers to have an online presence. Our integration with provides our dealers with a great opportunity to sell more products online and expand their market reach so local customers can find their business online, even if they don’t have their own website.”

- Zeke Hamdani, Director of Web Services, Celerant

“Our mission is to provide an online platform where local dealers nationwide offer customers a real-time inventory to ensure the fastest path to purchase possible. The industry has long awaited a digital solution to enhance the firearms purchase experience. is here to set the bar! We truly stand behind our motto of: Shop Local. Shoot Local. Stay Connected.”


Leading FFL Point of Sale & eCommerce Software

  • Mobile Point of Sale
  • Distributor Integrations
  • Catalog Imports & Ordering
  • A&D, e4473, Smartwaiver
  • Memberships w/ Recurring Billing
  • eCommerce w/ FFL Locator
  • Mobile Shopping Apps
  • In Store Pickup & Drop Shipping
  • Online Marketplace Integrations
  • Range Management
  • Firearm Course Scheduling
  • Email Marketing & SEO Services


The industry has long awaited a digital solution to enhance the firearms purchase experience. Gunstores was developed to innovate the online purchase experience for firearms customers by offering the largest local dealer inventory network in the industry, as well as top-tier content and product information. Our goal is to have enthusiasts both shop and shoot local, as well as educate themselves on the products they are looking to purchase. is the one-stop-shop for all firearm-related purchases and information.

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