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Endless Aisle & Automated Ordering

Celerant, the leading provider of retail software for the firearms industry, partners with Iron Valley, one of the country’s leading shooting sports wholesalers. Through the integration, FFL dealers can save time by importing Iron Valley’s products into Celerant’s point of sale; automate purchase orders; and leverage inventory data feeds to launch a Celerant eCommerce website quickly, and carry more products online and in store without having to stock it.

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Integrate Celerant with Iron Valley

Celerant was Iron Valley’s first point of sale software they integrated with to communication with their dealers in a much more modern way. Now their dealers can take their businesses to the next level with catalog imports, just-in-time inventory, and the ability to display product feeds to offer an endless aisle in-store and online.

  • Access & import Iron Valley’s product catalog
  • Reorder inventory with automated purchase orders
  • Offer an endless aisle via in store kiosks
  • Display live products/images on your eCommerce site

Celerant’s FFL Retail Software

Celerant offers the leading retail software for the firearms industry, enabling FFL dealers to strengthen their business in store and online. As a preferred software provider for the NASGW, NSSF and NRA, Celerant supports FFLs through mobile POS, contactless payments, A&D/e4473, distributor integrations, auto ordering, eCommerce, curbside pickup, range and membership management, marketplace integrations and more. You may choose either Cumulus Retail™, a cost-effective, solution for smaller dealers; or Stratus Enterprise™, a comprehensive solution with advanced functionality.

Preferred Vendor NSSF NRA NASGW

"It’s vital for dealers to leverage newer technology to strengthen their business, in store and online, and order inventory as soon as it’s in stock. By integrating Celerant with Iron Valley, dealers can become aware as soon as stock is available, and can either place an order through the point of sale, in store kiosk, or via eCommerce. Partnering with Iron Valley will make it easier for our FFL dealers, along with Iron Valley's clients, to carry more products, streamline the ordering process and increase sales revenue, all while remaining compliant with federal and local requirements.”

- Ian Goldman, CEO & President, Celerant Technology

"At Iron Valley, we are excited to partner with Celerant, as our first point of sale and eCommerce integration for our firearms dealers. Providing our dealers with the right technology becomes more and more important as we move into 2021. New integrations such as our catalog import, automated ordering, in store kiosks and online product feeds with Celerant- allows our dealers to sell more of our products, with less effort, and be more competitive.”

-Jeff Pugh, VP of Sales, Iron Valley

#1 ATF-Compliant Point of Sale & eCommerce Solution for FFLs
Manage your entire firearms & outdoor sporting business w/ ONE system

  • Mobile point of sale
  • In store kiosks w/ endless aisles
  • A&D & e4473 integrations
  • Auto ordering based on min/max levels
  • Inventory management
  • Integrated eCommerce w/ FFL locator
  • Order fulfillment & curbside pickup
  • Range management
  • Online lane scheduling
  • Memberships w/ ID cards & recurring billing
  • Rentals & repairs
  • Class management for firearm courses
  • Frequent buyer programs
  • CRM & automated email marketing
  • Marketplaces (,, Weapon Depot, Amazon)

About Iron Valley

Founded in 1986, Iron Valley has undertaken a defined and deliberate transformation to propel its business into a leadership position within the shooting sports distribution network. With a diverse product offering, world class customer service, and leading warehousing and logistics capabilities, Iron Valley is proving to be the independent dealer’s primary source for their shooting sports equipment needs.

To view our product catalog or interested in becoming a dealer, please visit us at

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