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Digital waivers for shooting ranges

Celerant’s FFL retail software integrates with Otter Waiver™, an innovative digital waiver and eSignature system for outdoor sporting and shooting ranges. Through an integration, dealers can streamline lane reservations with custom, contactless liability waivers, while managing their entire range and retail sales in a single solution.

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Celerant + Otter Waiver

Celerant’s all-in-one FFL retail software enables dealers to manage their gun shop, range and online business as one. By integrating with Otter Waiver, dealers can improve the range experience for customers by providing a faster, contactless check-in process.

  • Auto generate digital waivers for your range
  • Let customers sign waivers online & at the point of sale
  • Easily build your own waivers using templates or copy-and-paste
  • Add eSignatures, tips, videos & custom fields to waivers
  • Pull customer data from the retail software to keep waivers up-to-date

One System For Your Firearms Business

  • Mobile point of sale w/ digital bound book & e4473
  • Catalog import & auto ordering- all major firearm distributors
  • Integrated eCommerce w/ FFL Locator & curbside pickup app
  • Online data feeds & drop shipping
  • Marketplaces- GunBroker,, Weapon Depot, etc.
  • Range management & firearm course scheduling
  • Memberships w/ recurring billing & ID cards
  • Email marketing w/ sales & customer data

Preferred Vendor NSSF NRA NASGW

“Celerant has worked hard over the past year to enhance the range experience for our dealers and their customers. We recently introduced range enhancements, new automated SMS text messaging that can send alerts, such as lane reminders, exceeded allotted time, and other triggers defined in the software, and more. The addition of Otter Waiver will help our dealers further enhance lane/course scheduling, and increase customer retention.”

- Ian Goldman, President and CEO, Celerant Technology

“Partnering with Celerant is exactly what was needed to help the shooting range industry grow and provide exceptional customer service. We are committed to giving business owners the freedom to run their business more efficiently, and we believe our integration with Celerant will empower the gun range community to hit their targets by simplifying the waiver process and increasing customer retention.”

- Ben Nelson, CEO, Otter Waiver

Leading FFL Point of Sale & eCommerce Software

  • Mobile Point of Sale
  • Distributor Integrations
  • Catalog Imports & Ordering
  • A&D, e4473, Smartwaiver
  • Memberships w/ Recurring Billing
  • Integrated eCommerce w/ FFL Locator
  • In Store Pickup & Drop Shipping
  • Curbside Pickup App
  • Online Marketplace Integrations
  • Range Management
  • Firearm Course Scheduling
  • Email Marketing & SEO Services

About Otter Waiver

Otter Waiver was founded during the COVID-19 pandemic. After witnessing outdoor companies having to postpone events, outings, and clean-ups and still have to pay monthly fees with their digital waiver companies, we decided to create a solution better suited for the unique needs of outdoor companies.

We gathered input from outdoor outfits and guides and larger outdoor nonprofits to specially design Otter Waiver for the outdoor industry. We worked hard to create an online waiver system that is simple to use, flexible for the many types of outdoor industries, and affordable for all sizes of organizations. We are also proud to be the first outdoor online waiver software that follows the ESIGN Act and Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA).

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