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Celerant’s complete commerce solutions integrate with RSR Group. Through this integration, firearm retailers can import RSR’s product catalogs, automate purchase orders based on min/max, display RSR’s available inventory on their eCommerce website and enable drop shipping.
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Manage your gun store, range and eCommerce in a single, affordable SaaS retail system

Celerant’s complete commerce solutions are cloud-based, mobile SaaS solutions for your firearms business with low monthly maintenance and little-to-no initial investment. Our POS has real-time integration with its eCommerce solution, allowing pricing, promotions and inventory to be consistent in store and online. Our scalable solutions include serial number tracking, A&D for firearm sales, range management and membership management with photo ID card printing.

“Our partnership with RSR Group brings great value to the firearms industry, and with our introduction of Cumulus Retail to the market—Celerant can now cater to both the small and larger dealers. Integrating our retail software with RSR allows dealers of any size to automate once manual processes and save time when entering products and creating purchase orders for replenishment. Through our drop shipping integration, dealers can now sell more products by better leveraging the abundant resources made available by their distributors.”

- Ian Goldman, CEO & President, Celerant Technology

“We are excited to partner with Celerant Technology to provide our dealers with a proven point-of-sale system. Their comprehensive and innovative retail system designed specifically for the firearms industry will provide our dealers with the tools and efficiencies needed to successfully manage their store, range and online presence.”

- JoAnn Weisenford, RSR Group’s Resident and CEO

Create an Endless Aisle & Order Inventory ‘Just in Time’ with Celerant’s Integration to RSR

Celerant’s FFL retail software can be integrated with RSR, for both store replenishment and drop shipping online orders.

  • Access RSR’s product catalog from within Celerant’s POS software
  • Import the products you want to sell in your store
  • Automate purchase orders to RSR based on pre-set min/max levels
  • Take advantage of in-store kiosks with access to RSR’s available inventory
  • Pull & display RSR’s products, images, descriptions and available stock levels on your website
  • Drop ship online orders from RSR directly to your customers

POS, Range and eCommerce Features

  • Mobile POS with EMV
  • Electronic A&D reporting
  • Inventory management
  • Integrated A&D & e4473
  • ATF compliance backed by FFLGuard
  • Range management
  • Membership management
  • Club ID cards with photo
  • Integrated eCommerce
  • Catalog import
  • Product feeds & drop shipping
  • FFL Locator
  • Mobile Apps
  • Cross-channel pricing & promos
  • In-store pickup & returns
  • Custom Product categories
  • Online lane reservations
  • Marketplace integrations

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