Smartwaiver: Digital Waivers

Simplify liability with digital waivers by Smartwaiver integrated with your POS

Celerant’s integration with Smartwaiver™ helps retailers manage their range and course waivers in a single solution. Through this integration, retailers can create digital waivers, instead of paper waivers, which can be signed at a location or online from any computer, mobile device or tablet. Not only does this reduce errors and expedite the completion process, the waivers are visually appealing to customers.
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Go digital and simplify the liability waiver process

Celerant’s integration with Smartwaiver allows you to create digital waivers, replacing your paper waivers. These waivers can then be read and signed electronically. Once signed, the waiver is stored in Smartwaiver’s secure online storage system and will automatically appear in your Celerant system. You also can search customers by name in your Celerant database to confirm their liability waiver status.

  • Convert liability waivers into digital documents
  • Display your waivers on a kiosk or mobile device in your store or on your website
  • Create customizable waivers, increasing flexibility and data quality
  • Simplify data entry by automatically populating waivers with CRM data
  • Sync all signed legal documents with Celerant’s POS system
  • Capture photos for an extra layer of security
  • Easily search for and find waivers is seconds

“At Celerant, we strive to streamline operations for our clients through digital technology, such as Smartwaiver. Through our integration, retailers can convert their paper waivers to digital waivers, and automatically populate waivers with customer data from within the POS. Customers can easily sign waivers electronically on any device in your store or online.”

- Ian Goldman, President & CEO, Celerant Technology

“We've been helping businesses streamline their waiver signing process since 2012. We are a passionate group who takes the security of legal documents seriously. Thousands of businesses trust us with securely storing their signed, legal documents. We strive to bring value to everything we create and offer hyper-attentive support to our customers.”

- Tod Bloxham, CEO, Smartwaiver

Manage your entire commerce with Celerant, for both in store and online.

  • In Store Operations
  • Integrated eCommerce
  • Payment Processing
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Fulfillment
  • CRM & Customer Incentives
  • Reporting & Analysis
  • Accounting & ERP
  • Digital Marketing
  • Online Marketplace Integrations

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