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Oldest and largest firearm distributor

Celerant’s complete commerce solutions integrate with Sport South. Through this integration, firearm retailers can receive either Stratus or Cumulus, pre-loaded with the Sport South’s database so you can sell products in store and online immediately with no upfront fees. Product descriptions, 360° images and everything you need are pre-populated and ready to go within your system, out of the box.
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Manage your gun store, range and eCommerce in a single, affordable SaaS retail system

Celerant’s complete commerce solutions are cloud-based, mobile SaaS solutions for your firearms business with low monthly maintenance and little-to-no initial investment with Cumulus Retail. Our POS has real-time integration with its eCommerce solution, allowing pricing, promotions and inventory to be consistent in store and online. Our scalable solutions offer serial number tracking, A&D for firearm sales, range management and membership management with photo ID card printing. Plus, our solutions can come pre-loaded with Sport South’s database out of the box so you can begin selling immediately.

Sell more of Sports South’s products with less effort

  • Access Sports South’s catalog from within Celerant’s POS software
  • Import the products you want to sell – no manual entry
  • Automate purchase orders based on pre-set min/max levels
  • Take advantage of in-store kiosks with Sports South’s available stock
  • Display Sports South’s data feeds and 360* images online
  • Drop ship online orders from Sports South directly to customers

“Over the years we discovered two major hurdles that firearm dealers’ face when converting retail platforms—limited budget and difficulty with data for both in store and online. With Cumulus Retail, we bring the market an affordable version of our advanced, enterprise system—Stratus Retail. Now with Sports South, we provide dealers with an out-of-the-box system fully loaded with the Sports South catalog so they can simply choose what they want to sell—and start selling in no time.”

- Ian Goldman, CEO & President, Celerant Technology

“The partnership between Sports South and Celerant should prove to be a winning combination by providing the retailer with a simplistic and comprehensive turn-key retail/eCommerce system that is preloaded with over thirty-five thousand hunting and shooting products.”

- Ronnie Whitten, VP of Sales and Marketing of Sports South

POS, Range Management and eCommerce Features

  • Mobile POS with EMV and ATF compliance
  • Electronic A&D reporting
  • Inventory management
  • FastBound integration for A&D w/ e4473
  • Range Management
  • Pre-sell memberships and membership management
  • Club ID card printing with photo
  • Integrated with Cumulus eCommerce (No upfront fees)
  • Pre-loaded with Sports South’s products, descriptions, 360-degree images
  • Modify vendor-supplied data to customize your site
  • Categorize products however you choose
  • Unique website layout with mobile-friendly design
  • Cumulus is designed with SEO best practices
  • Cross-channel pricing, promotion and gift cards
  • Online orders with in store pickup and returns
  • Sell your own products and/or drop ship with vendors
  • Online range lane reservations
  • Marketplace integrations (Amazon, eBay, Walmart)

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