Celerant Technology Partners with The Boutique Hub™ to Help Retailers Succeed

Boutique Hub members can now leverage Celerant’s point of sale & eCommerce at a discounted rate, to boost sales and grow their businesses

Staten Island, NY (March 12, 2019) – Celerant Technology, a leading provider of innovative retail software solutions, announces a partnership with The Boutique Hub™, a one-stop-shop providing education and resources to support the boutique retail industry. Through this partnership, members of The Boutique Hub can leverage Celerant’s point of sale and eCommerce solutions, along with expert advice and industry best practices, to help them manage and grow their business in-store and online. Celerant will be participating at the Boutique Summit in June 2019.

All-in-one, cost-effective, retail POS software and eCommerce for boutiques

Celerant’s solution, Cumulus Retail, enables boutiques to manage and expand their entire business, both in-store and online, in a single system. With mobile point of sale, boutiques can use a tablet to help customers from anywhere – in-store, sidewalk/tent sales, trade shows – and process sales securely on a mobile EMV credit card device. The point of sale software also integrates with Celerant’s eCommerce platform, allowing retailers to manage their store and website as one. For Boutique Hub members who already have an eCommerce website through a 3rd party vendor, such as Shopify, Celerant can integrate the existing site into its Cumulus point of sale software.

Retail technology to help boutiques boost sales in-store and online

Cumulus Retail also offers options to help boutiques increase traffic and sales. Through Cumulus, boutiques can offer loyalty programs, coupons, gift cards, BOGOs and other shopper incentives. In addition, Celerant’s eCommerce platform integrates with Amazon, eBay and other third-party marketplaces and social media, allowing boutiques to expand their market presence and boost online sales. Celerant offers an email marketing platform which integrates with real-time sales and customer data from within the Cumulus POS and eCommerce software which can dynamically segment consumers, enabling retailers to send personalized emails based on their customers’ shopping behavior, past purchases, brand preferences, and demographics. To further support the growth of boutique retailers, Celerant offers a seamless upgrade path from Cumulus Retail to Celerant’s enterprise retail platform, Stratus Enterprise.

Helping boutique retailers grow their business via tips and best practices

In addition to innovative retail technology, Boutique Hub members can leverage Celerant’s decades of experience, educational resources, and best practices to ensure a seamless implementation and effective retail strategy. Using Cumulus Retail’s business intelligence and reporting features, retailers can analyze their boutique’s sales, compare it to previous years, and use that data to implement a strategy to increase sales on holidays, such as Black Friday, or throughout the entire year.

“The Boutique Hub has become a huge player on the small business boutique scene for one simple reason… The Hub is a solution to many of the “unknowns” in the journey of retail,” said Sara Burks, Director of Partnerships and Education at The Boutique Hub. “We partner with the best of the best in the industry such as Celerant! Partnering with Celerant has been a game changer for our Boutique Hub Members. They are finding manageable solutions to their Point of Sale, reporting, eCommerce, marketing, and marketplace integration needs. Having all of these tools built into one easy to use platform streamlines the day to day operations for retailers!”- Sara Burks, Director of Partnerships and Education, The Boutique Hub

“We are excited to partner with The Boutique Hub; offering Hub members their first month free for both point of sale and eCommerce,” said Michele Salerno, Director of Marketing at Celerant Technology. “Similar to The Boutique Hub, our goal at Celerant is to educate our clients and help them run their boutiques better; whether it be from new software integrations with valuable partners, such as Management One; from sending out our weekly tips or monthly client newsletters loaded with best practices; or, most of all, at our annual client conference which consists of 3 days of training and educational sessions. We encourage Boutique Hub members, both start-ups and more experienced boutiques, to leverage our software, in-store and online, to better manage their business and help increase future sales.”- Michele Salerno, Director of Marketing, Celerant Technology

Visit Celerant at The Boutique Summit 2019 & receive first month free

Celerant will showcase its SaaS retail solution, Cumulus Retail, at The Boutique Summit, June 9-11, 2019 in Atlanta, GA. Boutique Hub members receive first month free of Celerant’s SaaS retail software and eCommerce. Visit Celerant at the Boutique Summit or click www.celerant.com/theboutiquehub to learn how our innovative technology can improve your retail business.

About The Boutique Hub

The Boutique Hub is a two-sided boutique industry platform, both connecting shoppers world-wide to boutiques they love (#BoutiqueStyle or @BoutiqueHub), while connecting the global industry supporting boutique owners (#BoutiqueBusiness or @BoutiqueHubBusiness), including boutique owners, wholesale vendors, designers, industry service providers and influencers. Revolutionising the way the Boutique Industry connects, The Boutique Hub’s platform connects the business industry to connect daily, collaborate, discover wholesale brands to shop, offers multiple discounts to trusted industry service providers, hosts major live events and conferences, and provides an expert training library for members to learn tips, strategies and practices to grow. To learn more, please visit www.theboutiquehub.com.


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