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Stratus Retail is a premium Retail Software for Gun Stores and Shooting Ranges, serving the firearms industry for over a decade. Electronic ATF Form 4473, A&D Book and Smartwaiver is fully integrated with our point of sale. Integrate with vendor catalogs (AcuSport, Sports South, etc.) and Offer memberships and online course scheduling.


Manage Your Entire Business with the #1 Retail Software For Firearm Dealers!

Stratus Retail™ is an ATF-compliant retail solution combining Point of Sale, E-Commerce and Range Management so you can manage your memberships, customers and inventory in real-time. Celerant’s custom E-Commerce websites offers FFL locators, and enables you to expand your online reach through marketplace integrations (i.e.,, Gun Broker, Amazon, Walmart, eBay). Through our email marketing automation platform, you can increase traffic and sales by sending targeted emails and promotions based on your customers’ past purchases and individual preferences.

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“I talked to many people about what they used, demoed- different systems, and decided on Celerant Technology because it was by far the most forward thinking and class leading in terms of technology. I was confident that no matter how much I grew and what new directions I took the company, the platform would scale with me without a hiccup.”
-Ryan Pennock, Owner at Thunderbird Tactical
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“We are a gun dealer and were looking for a good platform that can grow with our company. Since we went with Celerant, we about doubled our size without having to increase our infrastructure in order to handle those sales. Celerant grows with us and is adaptable. The touch screen POS is intuitive and easy to train new employees on.”
- Kevin Chandler, Vance Outdoors
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POS Features for Gun Stores and Shooting Ranges

Mobile Point of Sale (POS) & EMV

Integrated E-Commerce

Inventory management

Order fulfillment

Memberships & ID cards (recurring billing)

Catalog import (AcuSport, Sports South, ect.)

Drop shipping & Amazon integrations

Electronic A&D (Bound Book)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Electronic ATF Form 4473

Smartwaiver integration

Range management

Online course scheduling

Integrated email automation

Looking for an entry-level software package? Cumulus Retail is the starter package to Stratus Retail. It offers features for your gun store, range, E-Commerce and online range management. As your business expands, take advantage of an easy software upgrade to Stratus Retail, the most innovative, omnichannel software platform the firearms market has to offer. Learn more »

Firearm Distribution Partners

Celerant has partnered with many of the leading firearm distributors to automate once manual processes and save you time when entering products and creating purchase orders for inventory replenishment. Celerant’s integrations can allow you to take full advantage of your distributors by leveraging their inventory so that you can offer a wider variety of products on your website and have your vendor fulfill the order direct to your customer.

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  • Vendor Catalog Integrations

  • Stratus Retail integrates with vendor catalogs (i.e, AcuSport, Sports South, Kroll). Browse and select the items you need, display their live inventory on your E-Commerce website, automate POs and drop ship. By leveraging your vendors, you can offer a wider variety of products on your site and have your customers orders fulfilled faster- directly by your vendors, with your branding. Learn more »

  • Online Channel Integrations

  • Access through direct integration to your website. Auctions can be easily added, removed or relisted, and bids can be changed without leaving your site. In addition, you can sell sporting and hunting equipment through other popular E-Commerce platforms (Amazon, eBay, Social Media). Sales data is fed back into Stratus Retail for easy management and reporting in a central location. Request demo »

  • Electronic A&D Book

  • Celerant was one of the first software companies to provide an ATF-compliant Electronic A&D book, so you can run your business from one system. From the POS, firearms are automatically added to the A&D Book upon purchase. Keep more accurate records, access your sales history faster, eliminate redundancy and error, and easily provide the ATF with the data they need for compliance. Request demo »

  • Range Management

  • Celerant’s range management allows firearm dealers to manage courses and register students. From registration to multiple course enrollments, you can easily create and fill training classes, assign students to specific sessions, and track which courses have been completed. Additionally, you can schedule and allocate resources for each course, and accept payment in-store and online. Learn more »

  • Electronic Form 4473

  • Stratus Retail seamlessly integrates with iTouch™ electronic Form 4473, required by ATF in the purchasing of firearms. Through this integration, firearm dealers can search and retrieval of any document on demand, and process background checks in a matter of minutes. iTouch 4473 is delivered through a touch screen application in a POS counter-top kiosk. Request demo »

  • Smartwaiver Integration

  • Stratus Retail’s point of sale seamlessly integrates with Smartwaiver. With Smartwaiver, you can convert your existing gun range waivers into digital waivers that can be signed at your location or online from any computer, tablet or mobile device.  Not only does that reduce errors, it enables you to be more compliant, and allows your customers and members to fill out their waivers before getting to your shooting range. Request demo »

Firearm Industry Partnerships

Celerant is a member and a preferred retail software of many shooting and outdoor associations and leading technologies: National Shooting and Sports Foundation (NSSF), National Rifle Association (NRA), National Association of Police Equipment Distributors (NAPED), Nations Best Sports (NBS), Sports Inc., The SHOT Show, iTouch and Smartwaiver.

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