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Celerant Technology promotes business growth and efficiency through innovation and technology. With Celerant, Retail is Re-Defined.




100% Java

3rd Party Integrations


Gun Store and Range POS

Stratus Retail is a premium Retail Software for Gun Stores and Shooting Ranges, serving the firearms industry for over a decade. Electronic ATF Form 4473, A&D Book and Smartwaiver is fully integrated with our point of sale. Integrate with vendor catalogs (AcuSport, Sports South, etc.) and Offer memberships and online course scheduling.

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As a firearms retailer, you require a flexible and ATF-Compliant retail solution. Stratus Retail™ is an all-in-one software that combines Point of Sale, E-Commerce and Range Management so you can manage your memberships, customers and inventory in real-time.

“I talked to many people about what they used, demoed- different systems, and decided on Celerant Technology because it was by far the most forward thinking and class leading in terms of technology. I was confident that no matter how much I grew and what new directions I took the company, the platform would scale with me without a hiccup.”
-Ryan Pennock, Owner at Thunderbird Tactical

Gun Store and Shooting Range Features

Mobile Point of Sale (POS) & EMV

Integrated E-Commerce

Inventory management & order fulfillment

Catalog import (AcuSport, Sports South, ect.)

Drop shipping & Amazon integrations

Electronic A&D (Bound Book)

Electronic ATF Form 4473

Smartwaiver integration

Range management

Online course scheduling

Memberships & ID cards (recurring billing)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Integrated email automation

Celerant is a member, a preferred retail software and a partner of shooting and outdoor associations and leading technologies: National Shooting and Sports Foundation (NSSF), National Rifle Association (NRA), National Association of Police Equipment Distributors (NAPED), Nations Best Sports (NBS), The SHOT Show, iTouch and Smartwaiver.

Looking for an entry-level software package for your gun store, range, E-Commerce and online range management? Click here to learn about our starter package to Stratus Retail. Then, as your business expands, we offer an easy software upgrade to Stratus Retail, the most innovative, omnichannel software platform the firearms market has to offer.