SafeSide Tactical Grows Store and Online Sales with Celerant’s Retail Software

Why SafeSide Tactical Switched to Celerant

I’m Mitchell Tyler. I’m the co-owner of SafeSide Tactical. So we’re about a 10-year old company and we started using Celerant’s services in 2015.

Managing an Online Presence and Retail Store

One of the things that we really rely on Celerant for is that combination of our online presence and sales via the web channels as well as our brick and mortar stores.

How SafeSide Tactical Uses the Email Marketing Platform

We have different digital marketing services that we’re using that Celerant provides. We use the email marketing platform, which is very powerful and the big thing that we can do there that we couldn’t do with a larger provider is the granular level of access to the data.

Celerant’s SEO Services Helps Us Grow Online

We also use the digital marketing services for our SEO, or search engine optimization, and that really makes sure that our website is staying up to date with changes and that we’re getting maximum visibility across our product offerings.

Maximizing Efficiency with Superior Software Support

We’ve just been really pleased with the data integrity, the support that we get and of course, the team that’s always making changes for the better of the software. So certainly, we could not run our business without it.

Run a More Efficient Firearms Retail Business

Learn how you can automate processes and increase sales both in store and online using Celerant’s all-in-one retail software.