RetailSTAR Point of Sale Receives 5-Star Review

CAM Commerce Solutions Recognized as a Leading POS Provider by CPA Advisor

Westminster, CA (September 13, 2018) – CAM Commerce, a leading provider of retail management solutions, and a subsidiary of Celerant Technology, received a 5-Star review of its RetailSTAR point of sale software., in addition to its Cloud-based SaaS retail software, Cumulus Retail. Year after year, CAM Commerce is recognized by the CPA Practice Advisor for its comprehensive POS application designed for niche, omnichannel retail businesses, operating a single store or multiple locations; eCommerce; and through 3rd-party marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay.

“RetailSTAR is designed to be installed on a local computer, desktop, or network. The interface has been enhanced in recent years to provide more intuitive navigation, with the point of sale interface offering better customization capability including the option to create custom buttons and color schemes,” the CPA POS Review describes. “System users also have the option to customize the interface for their own use if desired, displaying only the features and functionality they typically utilize and/or have access to.”

With “excellent reporting options”, RetailSTAR offers its Report Generator included within the retail system in which retailers can utilize a “report wizard and a series of report templates that make is easy to create a report from scratch. Reports available in RetailSTAR include sales/inventory reports such as bestselling products, worst selling products, favorite products, customer buying habits and buying history, and a detailed payment history report. All reports can be viewed on screen, printed, or exported to Microsoft Excel for additional customization options.”

“We continue to enhance our RetailSTAR POS platform, specifically with niche retail markets in mind such as pharmacy, paint and hardware. Each year we make strides to better support our long-term CAM retail clients and that is shown by some of our new client resources as pointed out in CPA’s POS Review! This year, we announced our new Client Portal, providing access to a library of resources including; free monthly client webinars, training sessions, how-to videos, announcements and more. It’s an honor for these efforts to be recognized by the CPA Advisor.”
– Michele Salerno, Marketing Director, Assist. VP, CAM Commerce, a subsidiary of Celerant Technology

RetailSTAR - 5-Star Point of Sale - CPA Practice Advisor - 2018

CAM Commerce, a subsidiary of Celerant Technology, continues to enhance the RetailSTAR platform, while dedicating a significant amount of resources to the latest SaaS retail platform, Cumulus Retail. To learn more, please visit

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Established in 1983, CAM Commerce is a leading provider of Point of Sale and integrated E-Commerce software solutions that help small- to medium-sized retailers manage and optimize their retail operations. As a privately held corporation, CAM Commerce prides itself on its innovative omnichannel solutions and customer service to help retailers across all industries to continually accelerate retail growth. For more information, visit


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