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Buy-Trade and Consignment

Second-hand trade-ins and cash purchases can be handled with ease, along with traditional retail sales, all through the Stratus retail software.

Consignment shops and retail businesses with a high volume of trades and cash purchases require commerce software conducive to the nuances of buy/sell retail. Stratus’ custom consignment shop software functionalities make it easy for retailers, including pawn shop enterprises, to manage traditional retail sales, trades and cash purchases from multiple locations in a single solution. In one place, you’ll get a point-of-sale, CRM, eCommerce, inventory and warehouse management, ERP and fulfillment processing solution to help you scale and manage your operation.


A POS That Supports the Nuances of Buy/Sell Retail

  • Support every function and nuance of buy/trade retail
  • Differentiate each item with a unique SKU number
  • Maintain a compliant consignment shop software
  • Manage your used-item buying, selling and trading
  • Calculate consignment percentages based on sale price
  • Offer fee-free trade cards with higher incentive values
  • Scan driver’s licenses and capture eSignatures
  • Identify accounting discrepancies immediately
  • Link each cash purchase to individual employees

“We were challenged to find an enterprise level POS system capable of handling traditional retail sales in addition to trade ins and cash purchases—this simply did not exist. After a failed attempt at a custom solution with another vendor, we started from square one with Celerant. I knew Celerant was up for the task of customizing a brand new system because in addition to software expertise, they have also have people that really know retail. Celerant truly understood my vision and by working with my IT team, developed the first POS system capable of reliably accounting buy, sell and trade transactions, which we rolled out all of our 45 retail locations.”

Robust Reporting
Functionality For
Details Small and Large

Buy/Sell Retail Reporting

Skillfully track inventory, customer and employee buyer metrics with Stratus’s consignment shop software functionalities. With so many unique items coming in and out every day, Stratus lets you assign a unique SKU to each, ensuring they are trackable and reportable while also connecting every purchase to your CRM database. This functionality won’t just keep you compliant with state regulations, but will help you reliably buy, sell and trade.

Centralize Your
Accounting Within
A Single Location

Receipts and Accounting

Stratus’ consignment shop software functionalities make it simple to share store receipts and other necessary accounting work with a central accounting location to limit bookkeeping at the store level. These functionalities allow reconciliation with cash drawers to happen immediately, while also limiting any employee temptations that can occur with cash businesses.

Ensure Confident
Payment And Recognition
For Employees

Payroll and Performance Evaluation

Stratus maintains powerful ancillary operation functionalities for payroll and performance evaluation. Before employees even arrive for the day, Stratus will boot up, allowing people to clock in immediately and ensure accurate payment. Purchases can also be linked to individual employees, letting you know which purchasers have the best “buying eye.”

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