Custom eCommerce Solutions

Stratus eCommerce™ by Celerant Technology Corp.™ seamlessly integrates with your store(s) in real-time and on a single database, enabling omnichannel promotions, orders, fulfillment and marketing.

Stratus eCommerce integrates with Stratus Enterprise’s point of sale to offer a complete commerce solution that manages your omnichannel orders within a single, live database in real-time- including your physical stores, website, mobile events (i.e., tradeshows, sidewalk sales), and 3rd-party marketplaces & auction sites. Our enterprise custom eCommerce software can be tailored to your industry and the way you operate your business with robust features, industry-specific functionality and vendor integrations- maximizing online transactions with ease-of-use for you and your customers.

Integrate Your eCommerce Software Package With Your POS

  • Integrated POS and eCommerce system with a live, single database
  • Completely custom eCommerce software packages
  • Manage and post products from any terminal
  • Track inventory and shoppers in real-time
  • Leverage social media and SEO analytics to improve digital marketing
  • Automate fulfillment from any location with custom shipping rules
  • Accept returns and/or pick-ups in store
  • Use the store locator and check store inventory online
  • Offer a mobile digital commerce experience with responsive design
  • Use artificial intelligence to suggest products online
  • Offer coupons, promotions, BOGO’s, gift cards, gift registries
  • Offer kits and packages online, a product builder and wholesale pricing groups
  • Use online product comparison, product reviews, drag-and-drop product sorting

“Since 2011, we have used Celerant’s retail software to manage our outdoor sporting goods stores, including our newly redesigned eCommerce website. Leaning on one software company that provides the majority of our technology helped us expand to 34 brick-and-mortar stores and makes it easier to operate our business more efficiently.

Give Buyers a
Shopping Experience
They Expect

Shopping Experience Features

Stratus offers all the functionalities buyers expect from today’s online and in store shopping experience. Responsive mobile design, user-friendly and dynamic navigation, product comparison, wish list functionality, loyalty point systems and other value-added features help your business remain fully prepared to meet modern shoppers’ needs via a complete custom eCommerce solution.

POS eCommerce Software

Make the most of your shopping cart

Shopping Cart Features

Make the most of your shopping cart experience with features that ensure a secure, easy and intuitive experience for your customers. From standard credit card and order confirmation features to automatic reorder options and stored-value cards, there’s a lot that goes into an effective shopping cart, and you can do it all from Stratus.

Everything You
Need For Complete

Site Management

Complete commerce is the name of the game with Stratus. Our eCommerce website designs offer functionality that includes everything you need, including a Content Management System (CMS) to manage your content, product data/categories, inventory, notifications, pricing, social media integrations and more. Wrapped in a 100% SEO-friendly enterprise eCommerce software, you and your customers will have the experience you want and expect.

Display And Sell
An ‘Endless Aisle’
Of Products Online

‘Endless Aisle’

With vendor integrations, you can display your distributor’s available stock on your website, giving the impression of an ‘endless aisle’ of inventory. Orders flow directly into the Celerant database immediately after they are submitted by the shopper. You can view the order status in real-time, and receive alerts when a customer places an order, when it’s fulfilled, and when payment is received. Using eCommerce analytics, you can monitor and improve your site’s performance (i.e., load time, fulfillment, customer retention). With Celerant’s custom enterprise eCommerce solutions, you can keep track of all aspects of your online shopping experience, including shopping behavior and location.

“Five years ago we really didn’t have much of an online presence, Celerant helped us bring that to our customers. Our eCommerce site brought in a new customer base through the eCommerce channel, but it also allowed us to better communicate our story, our brand and offerings to our customers… they use our site to pre-shop us, to really see what they are going to find in the store It’s become a great marketing tool for us.”
- Kerry Walter, Vice President of eCommerce & Marketing, Cato Corp

Fulfill Orders From
The 'Best Store'

Best Store Fulfillment

Using a prescriptive approach, Stratus’ integrated POS and custom eCommerce solutions leverages location analytics and your priorities, combining distance to customer, cost, staffing, planned promotions, projected sales, quantity on-hand and more, to automatically determine the optimal shipping route in real-time. Stratus can also split orders between multiple store locations if needed, creating a smooth ordering process stemming from professional POS and eCommerce software.

Gain Real-Time
Visibility Into
Shopping Carts

Conversion Center

With Celerant’s Conversion Center, you can provide your customer service representatives with live access to your customer’s shopping carts to help minimize cart abandonment, when initiated by the customer. Optimize pricing across your enterprise eCommerce platform, correct customer orders and edit shipping options. Respond to abandoned shopping carts to recover customers quickly with incentives or other service recovery options.

Allow Shoppers
To Pick Up
In Store


Offer a click-and-collect service on your custom eCommerce website. Allow shoppers to buy products online, with the ability to pick up (or return) the items to any of your stores. New shoppers visiting your store gives you the opportunity to increase impulse purchases; extend your in store shopping experience to online shoppers; and gain a customer for life.

Custom eCommerce Website

Easily Manage And Sell Your Products On Third-Party Software

Online Marketplace Integrations

As a robust POS system with website integration and other third-party software integrations, you can easily upload, manage and sell your products through a multitude of popular third-party eCommerce solutions (e.g., Amazon, eBay, Walmart and social media). Sales data is fed back into the Stratus custom eCommerce platform for easy management and reporting. You won’t find a more complete suite of services when looking for custom eCommerce website design.


Identify and
Adapt to New
Patterns of Fraud

Fraud Scoring and Data Security

Fraud Scoring, a custom component of Stratus’s custom enterprise eCommerce solution packages, helps eCommerce merchants improve data security, and avoid online credit card fraud and chargebacks. A fraud score is determined by authenticating the shopper’s credit card and analyzing their buying behavior. The logic looks at each component of the transaction and uses machine learning to identify and adapt to new patterns of fraud.

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